Ed Sheeran Grammy duet orchestrated by Elton John

By Sarah McClanahan,

Elton John will return for another Grammy performance this year, and has asked the up-and-coming Brit Ed Sheeran to join him on stage.

Elton John is no stranger to the Grammys. In 2001, he and Eminem performed “Stan.” Nearly a decade later, he was joined by Lady Gaga to sing “Speechless.”

This year, he will grace the stage once again. Ed Sheeran, the British singer/songwriter, will accompany him. Sheeran's “A Team” ballad is also nominated for Song of the Year.

Excited would be an understatement to describe Sheeran’s feelings surrounding the duet. When speaking with MTV news, he commented, “I can't wait to kind of just be involved in the whole thing. Just to be going is an honor, but to be nominated and performing is nuts.”

Although John and Sheeran have been in contact for the past three years, the Grammy pairing was completely Elton John’s idea. However, Sheeran was more than willing to accommodate his request. “He rung me up one day and said, 'How would you feel about performing with me at the Grammys?' I was like, 'I'll check my schedule.’”

With only a day to rehearse, Sheeran is nervous, especially considering he may be unknown to many of the Grammy’s viewers. “When I've done it in England, they are my peers, I know them ... but I'm performing in front of people that have never even heard of me, so I've got to really make an impression.”

Sheeran will also be appearing on February 7 to sing an acoustic set from 1-2 P.M. at The Grove in Los Angeles, reported the mall’s Twitter.

The Grammys will be hosted by LL Cool J and broadcasted on January 10 on CBS.



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