Edward Furlong charged with battery and domestic violence

By Sarah McClanahan,

Termiantor 2’s Edward Furlong was arrested for alleged battery and domestic violence.

Edward Furlong, the 35-year old actor best known for his roles in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and American History X, was taken into police custody in the early hours of Monday morning for charges of domestic violence and battery following complaints of disturbances within his LA home, according to The Los Angeles Times.

US Magazine reports that he and his girlfriend were in the middle of an argument when he allegedly violently shoved her.

His bail was posted at $50,000 at Men’s Central Jail, and he is scheduled to appear at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Tuesday morning.

This is only one of the many accusations the actor has been booked for in the past, reports The LA Times. Additionally, he is being put on trial for an outstanding warrant for a domestic violence charge involving the same victim on December 12. In 2007, Furlong was arrested in a Kentucky grocery store for public intoxication. In 2011, he violated a restraining order to stay a certain distance from his ex wife Racael Kneeland. This past October, he was charged with domestic violence for grabbing his girlfriend’s arm in an LAX terminal.



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