Evelyn Lozada explains photo of her holding hands with ex-husband Chad Johnson

By Daniel S Levine,

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada had to take to her blog to explain photos of her holding hands with her ex-husband, Chad Johnson. She stressed that the couple, who were married for less than two months, are not back together.

On Monday Lozada wrote on her blog that she needed to address rumors that started because of the photos, which were taken over the weekend. “It seems as though things have gotten a wee bit out of control,” she wrote.

According to E! News, she explained that she was at a party with Johnson’s daughter, “not only because I love baby girl like my own, but to support Chad and his fan appreciation dinner.”

The photos posted on the Internet were “of Chad and I holding hands, while in the process of blessing the food. The blogs made last night seem as though, we walked hand and hand into the restaurant announcing a reunion, which wasn’t the case.”

She continued, “I care for Chad, we are friends and we love one another, however, we are still separated, not living under the same roof and working on ourselves because we have a long way to go. This is a normal and realistic process for anyone and I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know God holds it and I’m taking things one day at a time.”

She added that she appreciates “the love from so many of you and right now I’m still working on becoming a better person. Chad and I are attending therapy separately, meeting with a Life Coach and trying to figure out how to work on our individual selves and navigate through this entire ordeal.”

Lozada concluded, "I wanted you to hear this from me and only me because I would rather you know the truth, than assume."

Johnson and Lozada split in August after an argument became physical. Johnson was subsequently released by the Miami Dolphins and their Vh1 reality show was cancelled. However, they are in the process of reconciling and Lozada dropped her restraining order against him last month.

When a sex tape with Johnson surfaced last week, Johnson said it would not affect their reconciliation and Lozada herself called it “old news” on Twitter.

image: EvelynLozada.com



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