Facebook charging $100 to send messages to strangers

By Daniel S Levine,

Yes, you read that headline right. Facebook is testing a new feature that charges users $100 to send messages to total strangers.

Mashable first discovered the feature on Thursday, testing multiple accounts in attempts to send Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a message. The option to pay $100 to make sure that Zuckerberg got the message popped up. However, if you do follow Zuckerberg’s profile, the option is not there.

Usually, if you send a message to someone you aren’t following or friends with, it will go to the person’s “Other” inbox, which is a dumping ground for messages the company thinks you aren’t interested in reading.

This test comes just after the company tested a $1 fee to message strangers, reports SlashGear.

Facebook told Mashable, “We are testing some extreme price points to see what works to filter spam.”

SlashGear notes that the feature is also not available to anyone outside the test group and it is still not clear if or when the feature would go live.

Zuckerberg currently has 16 million followers. As The LA Times notes, the company is still under pressure from Wall Street to find new ways to generate revenue and make money off the 1 billion users.

However, this new test might have been just a little too extreme.



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