Fan dies days after being granted early screening of ‘Star Trek’ sequel

By Daniela Duron,

Daniel Craft, the Star Trek fan who was able to see the movie's sequel before it was released, has died of terminal crancer days after being granted his wish.

A film lover, Craft took to the web with the help of his wife to plea director J.J. Abrams to allow him an early screening of the movie. MTV reports that after viewing the movie, Craft returned to bed rest and later passed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, after their internet pleas his wife received a voicemail that informed them a producer would be in touch with them soon. The producer then showed up at their apartment the next day with a DVD of a rough cut of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Abrams said Craft’s passing was a “very sensitive” issue, and the fact that Craft’s last wish was to see a screening of the movie was “unbelievably touching.”



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