Four killed in Aurora, Colorado townhouse shooting

By Amanda Ramirez,

After a six-hour standoff with the police at a townhouse in Aurora, Colorado, four were pronounced dead.

On Jan. 5, a gunman barricaded himself inside a townhouse after killing three people. He was shot to death by police in Aurora, Colorado, the same suburb where the movie house shooting took place last July.

Police were first called to the two-story residence by a woman that had escaped from the home by jumping from an upstairs back window. The Denver Post reports that the woman was identified by several neighbors and family members as Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta, the gunman’s wife.

A hostage negotiation team had been sent to the residence soon after the alert and what ensued was a six-hour standoff with the gunman that resulted in him firing at the police from a second-story window and the police returning fire, accordingReuters, effectively killing the shooter.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” said Michael Ignace, one of the surrounding residents who was awakened by the commotion. Several other residents were also aroused by the disturbance, including Sunil Pawar, who received a reverse 911 call alerting him to stay inside and away from the windows as a precaution.

Neighbor Jennifer Williams said that the cops told her that he was on methamphetamine, according to USA Today.



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