‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 1/14-1/18

By Sari N. Kent,
Lucy stabbed John and called him ‘Caleb,’ she also saw Sam and called her ‘Livvie,’ Trey was taken off of life support and died but not before Olivia had a vision of him saying everything would be okay, Todd goaded Johnny into beating him up so he could be taken to the hospital and escape but a wounded John and Sam stopped him, AJ put a passed out Carly in Todd’s bed and Lucy and Heather met in Ferncliff.

Tracy taunted Michael at the hospital about Lucy siding with her, not AJ, for control of ELQ. Starr told her they had to get back to Trey. Tracy was instantly concerned and they filled her in on the accident. Tracy was devastated, told them that she was with Trey when Joe Scully, Jr. passed and that she tried to let him know that his father loved him. Tracy was sorry for their loss and then apologized for going on about ELQ. Then, she rushed off and Michael admitted that sometimes Tracy could sometimes be decent. Then, he admitted to Starr that he was worried about what AJ would do after losing ELQ to Tracy. Meanwhile, Steve told Olivia, Alexis and Kristina that there had been an accident, that Trey was listed as an organ donor and that someone needs an organ donation that matched Trey. Alexis applied for a court order to bypass Connie and later they learned it had gone through.

Lucy let herself into the Quartermaine mansion, much to Monica’s chagrin. Lucy told her to take it up with their sister-in-law, who had appointed her co-CEO of ELQ. Monica was disgusted and was worried about AJ’s reaction. Later, Tracy made sure Lucy was settled in. Lucy requested Cook’s salmon Florentine and Tracy told her that Cook had died. Lucy was totally fine with Tracy cooking it in honor of Cook. Later, Tracy served her the first thing she found and Lucy deemed it “five-star cuisine.” Tracy gave her some Pickle-Lila to top it off her duck. Lucy spit out the food. “How could you when you knew about my precious Sigmund!” Lucy screamed at Tracy. Later, Lucy ran off to get some dinner and Tracy invoked Lila to help her.

At Kelly’s, Sam showed Danny one of the three pictures of him with Jason. She commented how handsome both of them are and later John joined them. She apologized for taking so long to face the truth and she was now ready to put Jason to rest. He told her that he went to see Todd in jail to make sure the charges would stick. He added that Todd offered him a bribe on tape, so that should be the insurance he needs in case he walked on the charges. Then, Monica arrived and doted on Danny. She was devastated to learn how Jason’s life ended. She had been holding on to hope along with Sam, but then she said that Jason would want her to have peace, to live her life again. Later, Lucy walked in and was horrified to see John. "Caleb," she gasped.

Sonny arrived at The Floating Rib and saw Connie and AJ making out. Carly sidled up next to Coleman to enjoy the show. Sonny pulled AJ off Connie and threatened to put him back in the hospital. He tried to convince Connie to come back with him and told her that Alexis had gotten a court order to take Trey off the ventilators so she had to come back to be with him. Then, she broke down in tears and left with him. Then, Carly joined AJ and he let her know that Lucy signed with Tracy. She laughed and said that he was still the same loser he always was. She then tried to leave, but AJ wouldn’t let her drive drunk and threw her over his shoulder.

Olivia said goodbye to Trey in his hospital room. She hoped he could feel her love and take it with him. Then, she saw him open his eyes and he told her everything was going to be okay. She grabbed his face but realized it was just a vision. Later, Sonny and Connie ran up and Kristina reached out her hand to Connie. “We can do this together,” Kristina told Connie as she signed the papers. Everyone gathered around Trey’s bed and suffered through their goodbyes. Starr, Michael, Steve, Sonny and Alexis all held hands. They weren’t leaving until Trey did. When he passed, Olivia saw his soul leave the room and told everyone that he was at peace.

Todd was like a caged animal in his cell and it got worse when Johnny returned. He told him that he wouldn’t go to Pentonville until after his sentencing. Johnny then told Todd that he heard about how he tried to bribe John. Todd said he wasn’t worried. He then said that he was going to escape by banging his head on the wall until he needed medical attention since it’s easier to bust out of the hospital. Johnny didn’t want any blood on his cot. Then, Todd goaded Johnny into beating him up by telling him he banged the hell out of Carly on New Year’s Eve. Johnny assured him that he would die before he got help and pounded on him until a cop came in and stopped him. Todd was then wheeled off to the hospital.

Monica returned to the Quartermaine estate and was overjoyed that Lucy was gone. Tracy assured her it wasn’t for good.

Diane visited Johnny in his cell. She was frustrated that he attacked Todd but Johnny warned her that Todd taunted him into beating him so he could escape from the hospital. Diane was sure he wouldn’t get far since all his money had been frozen.

Felix was late meeting Sabrina at the nurse’s station, but it was an emergency – Magic Milo needed a spotter at the gym! A beaten up Todd was wheeled in on a stretcher and he distracted Felix enough to sneak a paper clip from his chart before they wheeled him into a room. Alone, he picked his handcuffs. Outside, Michael offered to take Kristina home so Alexis could get Molly and she agreed. Then, Steve came out with Trey’s personal effects and Kristina took them. Meanwhile, Sabrina ran into Starr and told her about Todd. Starr went into Todd’s room and berated him for betraying her trust. He was sure to tell her he loved her anyway before she stomped off. Steve returned and told Todd that there was no lasting damage so he could go back to jail soon. Todd thanks ‘Dr. Drake’ so Steve ordered a CT scan to determine if he was lying. After Steve left, Diane caught Todd picking his cuffs and warned him that if he left he would lose Carly and Starr…and her.

At Kelly’s, Lucy saw John and thought he was Caleb Morley, king of the vampires, and warned him to stay away as she waved a butter knife at him. Then, she pulled out a cross and when Sam emerged from the bathroom she mistook her for Livvie Locke. She threatened to kill John and he quickly got Sam and Danny outside while Lucy shattered a chair. She came screaming at John and stabbed him with a stake! Alexis and Shawn turned the corner and grabbed Lucy while Sam comforted John. Lucy couldn’t believe that no one remembered the vampire infestation ten years ago. Lucy was sure that Sam wasn’t Alexis’ daughter, but rather Kevin and Grace Reese’s daughter.

John was rushed into the hospital and Sabrina grabbed a disguised Todd to look him over. He declared it a run-of-the-mill staking and tried to flee as John weakly tried to stop him. Then, Sam intervened and caught him. Meanwhile, John was able to tell Steve, Sabrina and Felix that Lucy was to blame for his stabbing.

Sonny helped Connie get into her apartment. He offered to make her food but she just wanted to drink. “We want for nothing here at Chez Zacchara,” Connie told Sonny. Then, she poured him a tall one and offered up a toast to “the Brooklyn girl made good. All I had to do is marry a lout and take the rap for killing two kids and I got everything she wanted… everything but my son.” He assured her he would see her through it no matter what if she would let him. She replied that she might be okay with him sitting here with her. No talking, just sitting together.

Carly let herself and AJ into Todd’s room at the Metro Court. She made herself a drink and started shredding Todd’s shirts, but it didn’t make her feel better. AJ got the scissors away from her and held them to her neck. It was tempting to kill her for all the times she had messed with him, but he was having too much fun watching her suffer. “I bet there were people lining up to warn you about Johnny and Todd but you knew better, right? When did you become such a soft touch? I remember when she skanked your own mother’s husband away from her. You have spent your whole life using people, and now Johnny and Todd have used you.” She then told AJ she couldn’t stand the sight of herself. She grabbed the scissors and started cutting her hair off. He grabbed her and comforted her until she passed out. “Only you could take all the joy out of a revenge rant,” AJ said to a passed out Carly. He then scooped her up, put her in the bed and covered her up.

Kristina went through Trey’s things at Alexis’ house, including his medal. She remembered how much Trey loved Scully and worried that he never knew how good he was. Later, Starr joined Michael, who was worried about AJ and Kristina.

Diane returned to Johnny’s cell and told him that Todd wasn’t fooling anyone. Then, Lucy was brought in and Diane got ready to give her card but held back after hearing Lucy’s vampire rant.

At the nurse’s station, Sabrina was worried about making Patrick uncomfortable by working on the ball. Felix was concerned that without Sabrina the ball wouldn’t happen. She agreed she needs to start thinking like Lucy and then they gossiped about how weird her vampire thing is.

Duke met Anna at her office. She understood that it wasn’t easy for him to be back in Port Charles, especially with her so busy. He told her that thought it would take time for both of them to adjust. Then, a cop arrived and told her that Dante was in Turkey and John was in the hospital because Lucy Coe staked him. Anna left Duke with some money for a cab and went to see John.

Carly woke up in Todd’s bed. She was hung over and worried she had slept with Todd. Then, AJ emerged from the shower in just a towel and taunted her that it was he she had slept with. She tried to piece together the night before and got as far as leaving Kelly’s. He eventually let her know they didn’t really sleep together. He showed her the damage she did to Todd’s clothes with the scissors. She was mortified, then screamed when she saw her chopped hair. Then, he handed her a bottle of water and left. Later, Felix came by to book the Metro Court ballroom, but was immediately more concerned about Carly’s hair.

Mac and Felicia enjoyed French toast at Kelly’s and Felicia told Mac how she couldn’t wait to see Lucy. Shawn overheard and told them about Lucy’s attempt to murder John. Alexis confirmed what Shawn said with the latest edition of the Sun, which had the headline, "CoeCoe goes Cuckoo." Felicia left to hear Lucy’s side of the story. Then, Mac and Alexis discussed Lucy and decided that she needed some help. Alexis knew just the person and left a message for Kevin Collins.

Sam watched over John in his hospital. She opened the blinds and they joked that the reason they felt they knew each other from before is they were vampires. “Two souls connect, one soul waits centuries for the other to be reborn,” Sam told John. Then, he asked her to check on Todd and she left to do so. Anna visited and filled him in on work. He wondered why she wasn’t happier that Duke was back and she admitted that when she looks at Duke, she just saw Faison.

Todd and Diane chuckled about John getting staked in his hospital room. She admitted it would have been easy getting Todd off with the initial charges, but that was before the bribe and escape attempt. “At least I’m the only one who still knows that you covered up that DNA test who proved Jason was baby Danny’s father,” Diane told Todd but Sam overheard and replied, "You son of a bitch," to Todd. Then, Diane took a call from the court and left Todd alone with Sam. She blamed him for Jason never knowing that Danny was his son and added that now that she knew the truth so would everyone else and he would lose everything. After Sam left, Diane returned with guards to escort Todd to court.

Sam returned to John’s room and told him Todd was an even lower human being that she had realized.

From the Quartermaine mansion, Monica left a voicemail for AJ. Tracy thought he had gotten drunk after his ELQ defeat. Monica accused Tracy of trying to destroy the family by appointing Lucy as co-CEO. Tracy defended her actions as the only way to maintain control. Then, she posted on all the social media outlets that she was thrilled with her choice of new CEO, Lucy Coe, and that her followers would be too. Meanwhile, Monica looked at the paper and waited for Tracy to post before showing her the headline. Tracy tried to recall her announcement, but she couldn’t and stomped off. Later, AJ returned and Monica was relieved. They hugged and she smelled booze. He explained that Carly spilled on him, then he spotted the paper. He was shocked by the story about Lucy and realized that he may have a chance to run ELQ yet.

In her cell, Lucy had flashbacks of her time with Caleb. Duke heard her screaming and went to her. She thought he was Joshua Temple, Caleb’s assistant. Felicia arrived and she and Duke had a sweet reunion. Lucy was assured by Felicia that he was really Duke. Lucy then told Felicia that she never told her before about the vampires because she didn’t want to worry her. Then, she begged them to believe her and to get her out of there. Duke pulled Felicia aside and tells her he shouldn’t go to the arraignment and Lucy begged him to go to hunt down Caleb instead. Soon, Alexis arrived as her lawyer. Outside, Anna stopped Tracy from seeing Lucy.

At the hospital, Britt was looking for Patrick and Sabrina directed her to the locker room. Delighted, Britt ran off. Sabrina ran into Epiphany, who was mad and looking for Felix. She covered but Epiphany didn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Diane brought guards to Todd’s room to take him to court. Then, John arrived to personally escort him and Todd had a good chuckle over his staking. Epiphany insisted that John get back in bed but he refused and Diane informed him the hospital wasn’t liable if he collapsed. Later, Epiphany questioned Sabrina and she admitted Felix was securing a venue for the ball and that Felix told her not to tell Epiphany because she had no sense of fun. Epiphany insisted she is one of the most fun people she knows!

Britt found Patrick in the locker room, too late to join him in the shower. She was ready to go to a bed, but he had a babysitting problem now that Sabrina quit. She pulled out the name of a sitting agency, but he wasn’t thrilled and told her that Sabrina would be hard to replace. Britt offered instead to take this time to get to know Emma and said she’d “even break my no-carb rule and make pancakes.” Patrick clarified that he wanted to see her, but he also wanted what was best for Emma and couldn’t think long-term. She agreed to take it one day at a time.

In Todd’s hotel room, Felix was concerned about Carly’s hair. He guessed it had something to do with a man. She didn’t want to talk and fought the spinning of the room from her hangover. Felix ordered her some room service; all foods that would make her feel better. She let him know that she cut her hair over Todd, and he told her how he got himself beat in order to escape. She wasn’t shocked. He offered to fix her hair for her but she said she would have her people downstairs do it. Then, she filled him in on her regretful evening and said that she needed to stop and think about how she got there and prevent it from happening again. He encouraged her to get herself fixed up and parade herself in front of Todd. She then offered Felix compensation for taking care of her and donated the Metro Court ballroom for free for the Nurses Ball. Felix declared her a goddess and that Todd was a fool. She agreed.

Lucy, Mac, Alexis and Felicia met at court for Lucy’s arraignment. Alexis insisted Lucy not talk, and plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Then, Tracy busted in saying that she couldn’t have Lucy saying she was insane because it would give AJ more ammo. She then threatened to withdraw her check from the Nurse’s Ball if Lucy didn’t let up on the vampire talk. She begrudgingly agreed and Alexis coached her to plead not guilty. Later, Todd, Diane and John arrived. Diane told Todd that Carly probably would have stood by him if he told her the truth. “For all of her faults she is remarkably loyal,” Diane told Todd. John went into the courtroom and when Lucy spotted him she tried to attack him again. Mac pulled her off and amidst the chaos Alexis shouted that she was changing Lucy’s plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. Tracy was horrified. Alexis told her to look on the bright side… Lucy wouldn’t go to jail. Then, Carly arrived with a new do and a red dress for the arraignment. Diane instructed Todd to plead not guilty and say nothing else. He pleaded but then continued by saying that the person who did those things wasn’t him.

Michael visited AJ at the Quartermaine mansion. AJ told him that he wasn’t deterred by Tracy, showed Michael the article about Lucy and told him that ELQ was theirs for the taking. If they could prove Lucy was crazy, that’s grounds for a re-vote. Michael was worried AJ had a drink the night before but he insisted that he didn’t…despite Carly’s best efforts. He told Michael that ran into her at The Floating Rib and was struggling with the urge and she offered to buy him a drink. He went on to say that she was drunk and upset and while AJ didn’t drink and that he spent the night with her to make sure she was okay. Michael was miffed AJ didn’t call him but impressed AJ stayed with Carly after all she had done to him. Later, they overheard Tracy on the phone with Ned.

Lucy was brought into Ferncliff to wait for an evaluation. Heather was there and told her she believed her.

From her hospital room, Maxie dodged questions about the baby from Lulu, who was in Turkey. Maxie got off the phone quickly when Britt came in and admitted that she hadn’t told Dante and Lulu about the miscarriage. “Couldn’t you just slip her another embryo?” Maxie asked Britt, who took some blood work to check Maxie’s hormone levels to see if it was even possible. She said she would return in 30 minutes with the results. Meanwhile, Patrick examined Ellie in her room. He wanted her to be patient and optimistic despite no change. Spinelli encouraged Ellie to remain strong. She replied that she wouldn’t feel sorry for herself but cried anyway. Spinelli wouldn’t give up hope and left to get her gift from his car. He ran into Maxie and let her know Ellie was still not feeling anything. She then questioned him about why he hadn’t called her. He admitted that he slept with her because he thought he and Ellie were over and even though he told Maxie that they were meant to be together, he was mistaken. “I will always love you, but I choose Ellie,” Spinelli told Maxie. She then asked him to leave. Later, Britt told Maxie that she was already pregnant. Spinelli returned to Ellie’s room with a movie to watch and she was overjoyed to show him that her toes were moving!

In Turkey, Lulu and Dante tried to get information about Luke. The prison was on lockdown but Dante assured her that they would find Luke. Lulu was also worried about Maxie and what she needed to tell them. Then, she was distracted by a blood splatter on the wall. A Turkish officer returned and told them that Luke had been shot and Lulu worried that he was dead.

At the Quartermaine estate, AJ bugged Tracy about Lucy. She said she wasn’t worried because there is an insanity clause in the ELQ bylaws, so Tracy could fire Lucy and remain CEO solo. Unless there was another vote, AJ countered. Tracy was sure that Lucy would be found guilty and stomped off. AJ wanted to find Lucy and asked Michael to cover for him if Tracy asked where he was going. Michael was nervous but AJ assured him lying was in his DNA. Tracy returned and questioned Michael about where AJ was. He stumbled with his explanation and she was shocked by how bad of a liar he is with Quartermaine genes. She guessed that AJ went to Lucy and wished her father was there to explain to Michael why AJ is incompetent.

Heather approached Lucy at Ferncliff. She told her that she believed her, Lucy was relieved, but was skeptical she still would when she learned about the vampires. She filled Heather in about what happened at Kelly’s and they reminisced about those good BLTs. Heather’s ears perked up when she learned that John was Lucy’s target and was overjoyed to learn Lucy was Ms. Coe. Lucy was horrified to learn she was Heather. Then, they faced off and Heather assured her they would be sharing anti-aging cream when they were 80. AJ suddenly arrived and tried to convince Lucy he believed in her. Tracy was getting her booted but he could help. He told her that he needed her to take back her share of ELQ and sign it over to him. He promised her they would run ELQ together and “stomp out Caleb and his posse of bloodsuckers.” But, Lucy refused to deal with it now and left him alone with Heather, who thought she could help.

Todd pleaded not guilty in court. He blamed Heather, but if you do crazy things you are a crazy person and so he pleaded insanity himself. John and Carly shook their heads. Diane claimed he suffered PTSD and presented the case of Todd’s past. Todd looked at Carly as he told the judge that he needed psychiatric help, not prison. Carly objected and told the judge that Todd was in his right mind with her and has to take responsibility for his choices. She encouraged him to admit what he did, and said that she would stand by him. He thought it was crazy that he didn’t trust her. But he didn’t change his plea. Then, Carly said she was sorry that Todd wasn’t the man she thought he was and left the courtroom. The judge then remanded Todd to Ferncliff for an evaluation and Diane warned him that it was no picnic there.



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