‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 1/21-1/25

By Sari N. Kent,
Maxie learned that she’s carrying Spinelli’s baby and begged Brit not to tell Dante and Lulu that she had a miscarriage, Luke came home to a confused Anna and the real Duke and Emma told Patrick that she didn’t like Britt and wanted Sabrina to be her “new mommy.”

Lulu thought Luke had been killed in Turkey, but he soon emerged to give her a hug. He told her that he took a bullet meant for one of the guards and had been in the infirmary ever since. The guard got the papers for his release while he caught up with Lulu, who was worried about Maxie and the baby. They were all anxious to get back to Port Charles. Luke signed and they gave him back his passport and Dante hoped they made it back in time for Maxie’s doctor’s appointment.

At the hospital, Britt informed Maxie that she was already pregnant. She asked if Maxie had sex recently and she told Britt about Spinelli and his girlfriend. She then told Britt that she loves Spinelli but he wants to be with Ellie. Britt replied that she knew plenty of guys who got excited when they found out they were going to be a father and encouraged Maxie to tell Spinelli the news. Meanwhile, Ellie showed Spinelli her wiggling toes in her room and they were both ecstatic. Steve then deemed that she would fully heal with time. Ellie was sure having Spinelli by her side was what helped and they lovingly stared at each other. He left to get her ice cream and ran into Maxie in the hall. He told her the good news about Ellie’s prognosis, how he felt closer than ever to Ellie, how it wasn’t because he was getting over Maxie or guilt. He added that it was just because of her and who they were together. Maxie, in turn, didn’t tell Spinelli about the baby. He then returned to Ellie and admitted to her that he slept with Maxie on New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, Maxie ran into Britt in the hall and told her that she couldn’t tell Spinelli. Britt then told that her carrying a baby for Lulu and Dante was no longer an option. Britt added that decisions needed to be made but this would remain between them while Maxie thought about what to tell Lulu and Dante, who just happened to walk up.

At The Floating Rib, Duke admitted to Felicia and Mac that thoughts of Anna were what kept him alive all his years in captivity. He added that he knew she would move on but always dreamt one day that they would be reunited. Duke wondered if Faison actually succeeded in taking everything from him considering Anna recoiled when he touches her and now there is another man in the way. Mac insisted that Duke try to talk with Anna, but he didn’t want to push her further away. Later, Felicia thought Maxie was hiding something but Mac encouraged her not to worry.

Anna called Sonny into her office and read him Faison’s statement about Jason’s murder and his role in Kristina’s kidnapping. She explained the Duke switcheroo and how she was having a hard time reconnecting with him. She wondered why she was confiding in him and he brought up their shared connection to Robin. He told Anna that Robin had confided in him and she (Anna) could too. Then, they discussed Johnny’s confession and then Trey’s death. Sonny told her that he thought Connie had become more vulnerable. Anna wondered if Sonny had grown to care about Connie but to him it felt like he was cheating on Kate. Then, she got them back on track and told him the case on Jason’s death had been closed. He appreciated being informed and she apologized to him for his loss. She ignored a call from Duke. Later, Luke returned and she hugged him fiercely. She filled him in on Robert when suddenly, Duke walked in.

Connie woke up at home and called out for Sonny, but he was gone. Olivia was there to watch over her while he was out. She admitted that she had missed Connie. Olivia then admitted that sometimes she (Connie) felt more like that best friend she grew up with than Kate ever did. Olivia showed off her engagement ring and they got giddy. Later, Connie filled Olivia in on how great Sonny had been and Olivia guessed that she had developed feelings for him. She admitted he had that rough and sweet thing going on, but she wasn’t an idiot and that he was only being nice to her to try to get Kate to come out. Olivia thought he was only concerned about her. Later, the two of them cha cha’d together and when Sonny returned Olivia admits things were good. Alone with Sonny, Connie asked him why he was being so nice to her. He said that he just sympathized as a parent. She then admitted to having a good time with Olivia.

Spinelli told Ellie in her hospital bed that he had gotten drunk on schnapps and slept with Maxie onNew Year’s Eve. She was devastated and demanded to know every gory detail. Ellie assumed that Maxie went to look for him specifically since she was on the couch while Ellie was getting ready to go meet Spinelli. She then accused Maxie of tampering with her car so she could take her place on the roof. She was also disgusted with Maxie and him for having sex after the IVF, which could compromise the pregnancy. He tried to convince her he loved her but she threw him out anyway. Alone, she cried

Dante and Lulu overheard Britt at the hospital and wondered what Maxie needed to tell them. Maxie insisted she was fine but acted very strange. Steve suggested that they ask Britt. Maxie glared at her. "There is nothing wrong with this baby," Britt told Lulu and Dante. Suddenly, Olivia saw Maxie holding the dog again and tried to describe what it looked like. Maxie spotted Spinelli and realized that Olivia was seeing a jackal. She then told Lulu she was coming off like a paranoid control freak and Lulu agreed to be more rational. Britt looked concerned and later Maxie insisted that passing off the baby as Dante and Lulu’s was for the best… provided Britt kept her mouth shut.

Patrick and Emma chatted about school over hot cocoa at Kelly’s. Sabrina arrived and Emma ran to her. Patrick broke the news that Sabrina wouldn’t be sitting again. "Don’t you like us anymore?" Emma asked Sabrina, who insisted that she loved Emma. Emma was then worried that Sabrina was too busy for the Nurse’s Ball too since they were supposed to do something together! Sabrina assured her they couldn’t have the ball without Emma, but they might not perform as a group. Later, Sabrina overheard Patrick suggest they hang out with Britt. Emma told Patrick that she didn’t like Britt because she was mean and she didn’t want her to be her new mommy. Emma then added that she wanted Sabrina to be her new mommy and ran to her. Later, Sabrina grabbed her food and ran off. Emma told Patrick she loved Sabrina while Sabrina looked at them longingly from outside. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante sat at the counter and discussed the baby. She didn’t want anything bad to happen, Lulu told Dante, who told her that he wanted her to enjoy the fact that their baby was on its way.

At home, Connie admitted to Sonny that she and Olivia chatted about him while he was gone and how he had been nothing but good to her since the accident. She fell down and he helped her up. She thanked him, honestly and from her heart. Then, she got upset when she thought he was looking for Kate, not her. He told her that he does see her and that she had been through so much, facing what no one should have to face. Then, he told her that when you love someone and they disappear, you don’t stop loving them. So yes, he wanted to see Kate, she wasn’t there and it hurt but he helped her through Trey's death for her, not for Kate. Then, he admitted he did do it for her, not Kate. Connie then told Sonny that she thought they had something together and asked him if he felt it. Sonny admitted there was something between them. She then replied that she could get used to it but he pulled away and she thought he wished she didn’t exist so he could have Kate back. “Kate wasn’t who you loved in high school…you loved me!” Connie shouted. He admitted this was screwed up. She then threw him out and alone she cried.

Anna told Luke that Robert was a coma thanks to Obrecht. Suddenly, Duke appeared at the door and Luke grabbed him, assuming it was Faison. Anna intervened and Duke told his story. Faison found him in the Turkish prison and he was in bad shape. When he realized his savior was Faison he knew the price would be high. He fed Faison some false memories, but he was obsessed with Anna. Duke thanked Luke, but admitted that he was still in love with Anna. Luke replied that had done a lot of thinking while he was in Turkey and realized that he was also in love with Anna. She worried he resented her but he insisted they were on the brink of something real. Anna said she was hurt and humiliated and wanted space from both of them. Luke left her alone with Duke. Duke said that he knew he was at a disadvantage because of Faison, but he would always love her.

At Kelly’s, AJ told Michael about his plans to work with Heather, who told AJ that there was something in Edward’s will that would give him leverage. Michael demanded that AJ stay away from Heather since she was the one who tampered with the DNA results to make Sam think she was carrying Franco’s baby, then switched Sam’s baby with a dead one…all over a stupid letter Sam didn’t deliver to Steve. Michael then said if AJ went into business with Heather, he couldn’t be a part of it. Then, AJ switched gears and asked Michael what he knew about Johnny. Michael told him that Skye gave info to Anthony that proved Tracy was laundering money. He just had to get it from Johnny. Michael wanted to do it.

Sabrina and Felix gossiped about Britt and Patrick’s shower sex at the Metro Court. He encouraged her to confront him, but she thought it was better if she steered clear. Carly arrived for their meeting and Felix dug her new look. He was happy to hear she showed Todd what he was missing and thought Sabrina needed to try some of that on Patrick. He asked Carly about the guy who took her home and she was disgusted by the thought of AJ. Then, they sat down to talk business and while Carly wasn’t close with Robin she was happy to help. She signed the contract and Felix goaded her again about AJ. “There’s a thin line between love and hate,” Carly told Felix. Later, AJ visited Carly.

Britt stitched John up in a hospital room while Epiphany reprimanded him for him leaving in the first place. Sam assured Epiphany that John wouldn’t be leaving again. Then, Epiphany and Britt left while John filled Sam in on Lucy’s attack in the courtroom. He told her that she got thrown into Ferncliff, and that Manning was about to join her. Sam worried that he wouldn’t pay for his crimes. John encouraged her not to let revenge eat her up and that he would take care of Todd. Later, Sam found John’s watch and Epiphany told her he was a good man, who wasn’t too hard on the eyes. Patrick looked for Sabrina at the nurse’s station, but she had switched shifts. He told Elizabeth she was avoiding Emma and he didn’t understand why. He asked her if there was another reason Sabrina might be avoiding him but Elizabeth wouldn’t break Sabrina’s confidence. He then told Elizabeth that Emma told him that she doesn’t like Britt. "Smart girl," Elizabeth replied. Patrick was concerned that Elizabeth had a problem with Britt too. Elizabeth admitted that Britt singles Sabrina out to be mean. He was confused as to why and Elizabeth was exasperated at his ignorance. Then, Britt arrived and asked Patrick to go skating with Emma. He said he wasn’t sure that it was a good idea but suddenly changed his mind and they made plans. Later, Britt was rude to Elizabeth and she returned the attitude. Britt then told Sabrina she was taking the rest of the day off to go skating with Emma, who wasn’t Sabrina’s problem anymore.

Todd awoke in his cell after dreaming of Carly. He told Johnny how great Carly’s new haircut looked. Johnny was sure that she wasn’t at Todd’s arraignment to support him but rather to show him what he was missing. Todd reminded Johnny she hadn’t cared to visit him at all. Todd then told him he was going to Ferncliff instead of Pentonville and soon after that, home. Johnny assured him that no matter what, Carly was through with him. Later, John arrived to accompany Todd to Ferncliff. Later, Michael visited Johnny and asked for help.

Tracy met with Ned at ELQ. Tracy then told him about her business ploy to keep Lucy crazy. Ned was glad she called because if that was the best idea she could come up with, their chances of keeping control of ELQ were non-existent. “Lucy is crazy, not stupid,” Ned told Tracy, who was concerned that AJ wasn’t as incompetent as they thought and they couldn’t afford to dismiss him. But, Ned had another idea… let AJ take over and step aside. “Why fight for a company that had given her grief over the year?” She thought she deserved it a hell of a lot more than Pickle-Lila relish. She told Ned to get on board or step aside. He agreed and demanded to know if there was anything else out there that can hurt her. She assured him, then called Sonny for help crushing AJ.

Emma was unfriendly with Britt at Kelly’s and insisted on going to the bathroom by herself. Britt told Patrick that she was just glad Emma hadn’t specifically said that she didn’t like her. Patrick then admitted that she actually had. He left to take a call and Emma remained gruff with Britt, who told her that she didn’t like Emma either but wasn’t going anywhere so they might as well try to get along because they were stuck with each other and Emma needed to get over it. She then marched to the bathroom while Emma sat alone and cried. Later Patrick returned at the same time Britt did, but Emma was gone.

Elizabeth and Sabrina talked about Patrick’s date with Emma and Britt at the nurse’s station. Elizabeth let Sabrina know he almost turned her down because she told him how awful Britt is to Sabrina. Sabrina was mortified until Elizabeth told her that Patrick thought he was the one who had done something wrong and that was why she didn’t want to babysit anymore. Sabrina still thought it was best to keep her distance. Elizabeth then told her how broken up Patrick and Emma were, so how could she let Britt take her place? Sabrina really wanted to be the person to give Emma love and support, but said she couldn’t and could only hope Britt could learn to love Emma, who deserved to have a family again.

Starr visited Kristina at Alexis’s house. She was depressed and watching "Mob Princess," because she said that, “It’s all I has left of Trey thanks to Connie Falconeri.” Kristina then added that she was sure that Connie was going to get away with everything she had done… unless she got revenge herself. Molly and Starr stopped her from going after Connie by telling her that nothing she could do to Connie would bring Trey back. Starr then encouraged her to go take a shower and go register for classes at PCU. Kristina agreed but later Starr realized that Kristina was gone.

Connie arrived at Manning Enterprises in a fantastic mood but was startled by TJ. He apologized for her loss. She accepted his condolences then tried to shoo him off. He then said that he was hoping she would reconsider and give Molly her book back. She refused saying, “I’m the same old bitch I ever was and "Love in Maine" is still mine.” He then taunted her with the fact she wouldn’t be able to handle any questions about the book since she didn’t write it and asked what it would take for her to give Molly back her book and she told him to come back in a few years because she “doesn’t do jailbait.” He apologized again about Trey before he left. Later, Kristina showed up and slammed her computer with a baseball bat.

AJ went by the Metro Court to let Carly know that he told Michael that she tried to get him to drink. Ned listened in as she called AJ out for trying to make her look bad when he was the one making out with Sonny’s girlfriend. AJ then said that he wanted her help in getting Tracy out at ELQ and to save Michael from getting involved in an SEC investigation. He then told her about his visit with Heather and wondered if there was another Quartermaine heir. Carly refused to tell him anything. Ned emerged after AJ let and asked Carly what she knew. She refused to say anything. He encouraged her to call him when she changed her mind, which he said she would.

Michael went to visit Johnny in jail. Johnny apologized for what he did to Starr and asked about Carly. He encouraged Michael to be there for her now that Jason was gone. Michael then told Johnny that he also wanted to be there for AJ and maybe Johnny had the proof he needs that Tracy used Soleito mob money to fund ELQ. Johnny told Michael that he had the proof but accused Michael of compromising himself by dealing with someone he despised for a company he didn’t even care about. Michael replied that he wanted to make his own mistakes with AJ and that Carly would never take Johnny back anyway so he had nothing to lose.

Sonny met Tracy at ELQ. She wanted his help in taking down AJ. She told him that she could go to prison for a long time if he doesn’t. She then revealed to him that she married Anthony because he was blackmailing her with proof she kept ELQ afloat with Soleito money and if the proof is found, she could go to prison and AJ would have carte blanche to ruin ELQ…and Michael. Sonny understood Tracy’s predicament and hoped she succeeded in taking AJ down but he said that he couldn’t be a part of it because if he moved against AJ, he’d lose Michael forever. AJ returned just as Sonny was leaving and later, Michael showed up with the proof.



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