‘General Hospital’ weekly recap – Week of 12/31/12-1/4/13

By Sari N. Kent,
Emma told Sabrina that she wanted her to be her new mommy, Maxie miscarried and Starr, Michael, Trey, Kristina Connie and Ellie were all involved in a horrific car accident.

Emma interrupted Patrick planning New Year’s with Britt on the phone. He let Sabrina in and they discussed the evening. Patrick appeared to kiss Sabrina, but it was just her dreaming. Then, Patrick left and Emma told Sabrina that she was concerned that Britt would be her new mommy and told Sabrina that she wanted her new mommy to be her. Then, Sabrina talked with Emma about Robin always being her mom.

Milo helped Spinelli set up on the hospital roof for his evening with Ellie. They discussed women and role-played Spinelli’s evening. Spinelli acted out all he would do that evening up to the point of viewing the Dog Star. Milo complimented Spinelli on his way with women but Spinelli told Milo that he wanted to be a sex object too. They decided to help each other and Milo shared some strip moves with him. At midnight, Spinelli was alone on the roof and called Ellie.

Maxie answered a call from Lulu at the apartment annoyed that she called again. Maxie asked Ellie if she was going out with Spinelli and Ellie said that he was on his own tonight and the rest of his nights. Maxie apologized for Christmas Eve and tried to talk Ellie into meeting Spinelli. Ellie got dressed, thanked Maxie for getting through to her and left saying, "Wish me luck." Then, Maxie heard a sound outside and found a puppy. The dog got comfortable in the apartment and Maxie came in from the hall and fell.

Britt was done at the hospital when Michael brought Starr in a wheelchair. Michael told Starr not to worry about Johnny and said that the police can handle it from there. Then, he called Dante about Connie. Britt told Starr that she was fine. Then, Britt rushed to the elevator in an elegant dress when a former child patient wishing her well threw up all over the back of her dress. Starr answered her cell phone and told her father that they were leaving the hospital and that she was okay. Britt called Patrick to let him know that she had another patient after Maxie came in. Maxie apologized for bothering Britt at the hospital and later found out she had a miscarriage.

Lulu toasted with Olivia and Steve at The Haunted Star when Olivia had a dog vision. Steve and Lulu became concerned as Olivia got upset about the dog that no one else can saw. Dante joined Lulu, Olivia and Steve and told them that Connie was on some kind of rampage. Todd and Carly joined them and Dante told them that Johnny had been kidnapped. Then, Todd called Starr to check on her. Todd and Carly started to argue but both agreed that they were moving on. Lulu bumped into Patrick and told him about Maxie being pregnant. Dante interrogated his mother about her visions. Steve and Lulu interrupted. Steve took Olivia home to watch the ball drop. At midnight, Todd and Carly kissed, and Dante and Lulu kissed.

In the parking garage, Trey talked with Connie. She mentioned getting a new start too and told him that she and Johnny had a parting of ways. Then, Kristina asked about the noises coming from the trunk. Connie said it was mice but Trey asked her to open the trunk. She claimed the key didn’t work and she’d pop it from inside. Then, Michael and Starr showed up and see Kristina and Trey. Connie saw them and drove off. The four of them discussed what happened and Starr told them that Johnny was in Connie’s trunk. They decided to go after Connie.

Patrick returned home and Sabrina woke up. He invited her to stay to watch the ball drop. At midnight, they moved in for a kiss.

On the road, Connie apologized to Johnny in the trunk about driving fast. Michael chased after Connie with Starr, Trey and Kristina in the car. The fog was thick. Kristina tried to call the police. On the side of the road, Ellie tried to get a signal to call Spinelli about her car breaking down. She was walking when a call from Spinelli came in. She screamed as Connie’s headlights came charging toward her. Connie screamed as she hit the breaks. Then, Starr yelled for Michael to watch out as he hit the brakes.

After the countdown to midnight at The Haunted Star, Carly and Todd kissed before taking off. Dante and Lulu also kissed and left Maxie a happy New Year’s message that they were so excited about the baby.

At the hospital, Britt told Maxie she had a miscarriage. Britt assured her that it was nothing she had done and that it was better that it happened now. Distraught, Maxie wanted to be the one to tell Lulu and she ran off.

Patrick leaned in to kiss Sabrina on his couch but was interrupted by a call from Britt. Sabrina quickly gathered her things while Patrick wished Britt a happy New Year. He hung up and asked Sabrina to wait so he could pay her. He needed more money from his room and asked her not to leave. Alone, Sabrina answered a knock at the door and it was Britt…naked. She accused Sabrina of setting it up to be alone with Patrick. Britt shoved money into her hand and made her go back to work. Patrick returned, confused by Sabrina’s sudden exit. Britt kissed him and tried to get his mind back on her. She began to undo her coat but Patrick didn’t want Emma to hear them. Then, she suggested that they try a hotel room again soon and he agreed. It was a new year and he was ready to move forward.

From the hospital roof, Spinelli left Ellie a drunken voicemail about her no-show. Then, Maxie came up to the roof to see Spinelli and was surprised Ellie wasn’t there. Spinelli noticed Maxie was upset and blamed the baby hormones. He then insisted that they leave and told her that he would take her anywhere she wanted. She told him that she just wanted to go home.

Lulu and Dante went to Maxie’s place and were worried because she was gone. Soon Spinelli and Maxie returned. She told them that she fell chasing off a dog that had showed up. Lulu was worried something had happened to the baby but Spinelli drunkenly assured her that the baby was fine. Maxie would have told him otherwise. Maxie agreed with Spinelli and Dante and Lulu left. Alone, Maxie wondered what happened while Spinelli wonders where Ellie was. Maxie began to cry but Spinelli told her that everything would be okay. Then, they kissed.

Ellie was hit by Connie’s speeding car as she walked along the highway. Michael, Starr, Trey and Kristina spun out trying to avoid Connie’s crashed car. They were all shaken but okay. Starr followed Connie’s voice to the cliff as Michael popped open her trunk with a crowbar to rescued Johnny. Michael got Johnny out and then Trey called him over because Kristina wasn’t breathing! Trey did CPR until she came back. Trey then told her that he couldn’t live without her. They kissed, but then Trey collapsed. Meanwhile, no one could hear Ellie’s weak call for help as she fought to stay conscious. She knew her condition was critical. At the cliff, Connie begged Starr for help as she hung off the edge. Johnny heard them fighting and ran over as Starr was trying to release Connie’s grip. She told Johnny that without Connie they would both be free. Then, Johnny finally told Starr the truth that he shot out Anthony’s tires and took Cole and Hope away. Connie screamed out as she began to slip and together they got her up. Starr smacked Johnny while Connie ran back to the car, looking for the girl she had hit. Meanwhile, Michael found Ellie’s phone, then found Ellie.

Todd and Carly kissed in his room. As he got drinks ready he worried about Starr. He wanted to call her but Carly didn’t want him to ruin their moment. Then, they start making out and before moving forward, they assured each other this wasn’t just a way to get over Blair and Johnny. Carly thought this thing with Todd was a new start for her and he agreed. They kissed again and went to the bedroom where Todd unzipped her dress and they made it to the bed.

At work, Sabrina fondly looked at a picture of Emma and Patrick.

Back at The Haunted Starr, Dante and Lulu danced and thought about the baby.

Michael found Ellie by the side of the road and called for help. Her pulse was weak but Starr got her to open her eyes. Connie and Johnny bickered until Kristina called for help after Trey collapsed. Johnny tried to get a pulse and couldn’t get cell service and left to flag down a car. Connie stopped him and he accused her of not caring if her son died.

Steve and Olivia basked in the afterglow at his place. Before they went another round he pulled a ring out of the end table and asked her to marry him. He told her that she made him realize he wanted things he never thought he would and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Through tears, she said yes. Later, she was admiring her ring when Steve got a call about the accident. She said that she didn’t see that coming, which was weird since she sees everything else.

Dante and Lulu basked in the afterglow in their bed, eating ice cream. She felt guilty that they could do whatever they wanted while Maxie was acting like a nun. He encouraged her to relax. They were interrupted by a call from Michael who told them about the accident. Later, Olivia came by to tell them about the engagement and showed off her ring to Lulu. They got giddy about it.

Michael returned to the crash site and told them that an ambulance was on the way. Starr joined Johnny and asked if he was lying when he admitted to shooting out the tires. He replied that he wished he was. Starr became sick with grief. She then yelled that Connie and Johnny deserved each other as she ran off to meet the paramedics. Meanwhile, Connie tried to sneak off but Dante stopped her. He knew all about her knocking out Starr and kidnapping Johnny. She told him that Johnny confessed to shooting out Anthony’s tires. He had her cuffed to the car but when the cops returned she had picked the cuffs and was gone.

At the hospital Sabrina told Elizabeth about her night with Emma, Patrick’s near kiss and Britt’s naked arrival. They gossiped until they got notice of the accident coming in. Kristina wouldn’t leave Trey’s side as Steve ordered lab work. Elizabeth took Johnny to get stitches and when they were alone Starr collapsed on Michael. He assured her they were okay and left to call their parents. Ellie was taken to a separate room. Sabrina got her phone and left a message for Spinelli about the accident. Later, the doctor suspected there was a spinal injury.

Maxie and Spinelli had sex in her apartment. Afterwards, Spin was concerned that they made a terrible mistake. He blamed himself and the “demon alcohol.” He was concerned they hurt the baby but before she told him the truth a call came through from Ellie. He didn’t listen to the message and encouraged Maxie to continue but when she told him he was already passed out.

Todd and Carly basked in the afterglow in his bed. She wanted to know what it meant for them now. She asked if they were now together. He had a hard time believing she would want a relationship with him considering his track record. They admitted neither of them was perfect. He wanted to move forward with her, and she was scared but happy. They celebrated going steady until Michael called to tell them about the accident. "Connie happened," he said.

Back at the hospital Michael overheard Starr and Johnny talking about Cole and Hope and realized what happened. Johnny insisted he always cared about Starr. She screamed and pounds on his chest. She screamed that she hated him! Dante arrived and Johnny turned himself in. Then, Todd and Carly showed up and Starr told them what Johnny did. He admitted it was true but Carly couldn’t believe it was possible. She told him that she hoped he rotted in hell. She held onto Todd, who locked eyes with Johnny. Later, Johnny asked Todd if he was going to bare his soul to Carly or should he do it for him. Meanwhile, Connie snuck in to see Trey.



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