‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 1/7-1/11

By Sari N. Kent,
Steve told Trey’s loved ones that he was brain dead, Connie regretted not getting to know her son, Ellie might be paralyzed, Patrick and Britt had sex, Lucy signed with Tracy, who agreed to underwrite the Nurses’ Ball and AJ and Connie met at The Floating Rib.

Alexis woke up with Shawn up in her bed. He told her that he was dreaming about her and was more than happy to indulge any of her appetites. She was relieved and asked for… a meatloaf sandwich with cranberries and melted cheese. He brought it back to her and got turned on watching her eat it. He hoped her snack had rejuvenated her energy and they made out until she got a call from Kristina.

Sonny was sparring alone at the gym when he saw Connie. He gave her grief for not showing up for the shoot but she revealed she was Kate, not Connie. He couldn’t believe it was really her and touched her face and told her how missed her. She told him that she could see how alone he had been. Then, he told her about Jason being gone, how Michael was slipping away and that Kristina was leaving but then he said that he needed her most of all. She told him that didn’t mean to abandon him when he needed her. They kissed and wished each other a happy New Year. Then, Sonny’s phone rang and he woke up with an empty bottle by his side. It was Alexis on the phone, demanding that he meet her at the hospital.

Trey’s blood pressure dropped at the hospital as Connie and Kristina screamed for the doctors to save him. Kristina tried to push Connie out, then Elizabeth tried to get her out but she refused to leave Trey. Then, Steve threw Kristina and Connie out as they bickered and Elizabeth removes them. Meanwhile, Steve kept working on Trey.

In the hallway, Starr was devastated by Johnny’s betrayal and said that she should have listened to Todd. Then, she was hit by the fact that she almost killed Connie tonight because of it. Michael reminded her of all the wrong that Connie had done too and how Jason had told him once that bad things happen fast but you get through it slow. She promised to lean on him if she needed to but first she wanted to find Todd because he always puts her first. Meanwhile, Carly called Johnny a hypocrite and a liar but then he told her that Todd was just as bad as he was. He told her and Dante that Todd knew the entire time Johnny was the one who shot out Anthony’s tires. He added that he didn’t go to the cops because he switched the babies on purpose and he had proof. Two of his guys were burying Anthony and saw Todd take Sam’s live baby out of the planter and put him in Tea’s arms. Carly looked at Todd and realizes it was true. She recoiled from his advance. Then, she told Todd that she would have forgiven him if he had only trusted her enough to tell her the truth. She isn’t a hypocrite, but he lied to her face over and over and said that Starr was going to be devastated when she found out. Just then, Starr walked up and heard them talking. She told Todd that he was more messed up than she ever thought possible and ran off. Michael chased after her while Dante arrested Todd and lead him off along with Johnny. Carly took one last look. “I sure can pick ‘em,” she said. Later, Kristina called Alexis to meet her. She and Connie kept fighting by the elevators about who loved Trey more.

Kristina attacked Connie and blamed her for the accident as Sonny and Alexis arrived and pulled them apart. Kristina told them that Trey had unbuckled his seatbelt to get her phone and then they crashed. Alexis took her to the cafeteria and while alone with Connie, Sonny asked her if she was okay. She started to cry and he held her. She asked him not to let her go. Then, he mistakenly called her Kate and she pushed him away and told him that she never wanted him to touch her again.

Starr and Michael went to Trey’s room. Things weren’t going well and Elizabeth escorted them out. Kristina and Alexis came back and Connie and Sonny walked up as Steve came out of Trey’s room and told them that he was sorry.

Dante put Johnny and Todd in the same cell and said that they deserved each other. Alone, Todd congratulated Johnny for getting what he always wanted. “So why did you have to take me down with you?” Todd asked Johnny.

Carly went by the penthouse to tell Sam that she was right about Todd switching the babies, that Johnny was really the one who shot out the tires and that Connie was just the cover. Sam screamed that she knew it! Then, Carly ranted to Sam about the months of lies coming out after she made the worst mistake she could have by sleeping with Todd. She added that the worst part was that Todd even warned her about him but she thought they were kindred spirits. She also mentioned how Jason never judged her but now he was gone. Sam told her that he wasn’t gone but Carly tried to convince her that he was dead and said she was sick of denying the truth. Carly then told Sam that Jason would want her to stand up and move on, and that he would want the same for Sam and Danny. Sam refused to believe that Jason was dead without a body and threw Carly out. Alone, she wondered if she was just kidding herself. She asked Jason to give her a sign and then there was knock at the door.

Todd held a pillow over Johnny’s face in their cell until Dante broke it up, then left them alone again. Todd told him that Starr already knew about the baby switch so he should call off his goons and prove to her he was as compassionate as he says he is. “You already took her family, so why take her father too?” Johnny told Todd that he still wanted Carly. Todd didn’t think she was his to give and that even if he could give him Carly, why would he? Then, Diane arrived to take Johnny to his arraignment. She told Todd that she’d be back for Todd. Later, Todd got a visit from Carly.

At the hospital, Patrick explained that Trey was brain dead. Kristina, Starr and Connie were devastated. Dante came by to arrest Connie and warned that if Trey died she would be arrested for murder. Sonny was convinced Connie wasn’t acting distraught and asked for her to be able to stay with her son. Then, Dante told them about Johnny’s confession and gave her until the end of the day to face the music. Later, Connie got off the phone demanding someone, a doctor, get a day pass from prison. She cried to Sonny that the accident was her fault and that she wasn’t going to leave Trey now. Meanwhile, Michael took Kristina for a walk while Starr stayed with Trey in his room. She told him that she would give anything to have her friend back. Later, Patrick spoke with Michael about how it would be Connie’s decision whether they would turn off the life support machine and let Trey go. But, Connie wouldn’t let them pull the plug. She said that left him to die once before and wuouldn’t do it again.

At her place, Maxie told Spinelli that she wasn’t pregnant anymore but he slept through her confession, but the delivery man heard and offered his sympathies. Spinelli also slept through a call from Sam, who needed his help looking for Jason. Then, Maxie threw his phone at him as he missed another call from Ellie. He woke up not remember passing out but did remember drinking too much schnapps and – slowly – he remembered kissing Maxie. He worried that Ellie knew they had sex. Maxie told him to relax. "She didn't come home last night." Spinelli worried that she went out and slept with someone, not that he should throw stones. Then, he wondered if these encounters with Maxie were random or is it kismet? He chose Ellie but at every turn he gravitated back to Maxie. He thought they were destined to be together and but she ran off when he asked her what she thought. He listened to his message about Ellie’s accident and apologized to Maxie before he left. Later, she called Dante and he agreed to come over when he could.

Sabrina woke up Ellie in her room. She remembered the car coming out of the fog and hitting her and asked again for Spinelli. Sabrina told her that she left him a message and then handed Ellie her phone so she could listen to Spinelli’s indifferent message. Sabrina warned Ellie not to get too upset and that Spinelli would understand why she didn’t meet him when he heard what happened. Suddenly, Spinelli arrived and Ellie wouldn’t let him leave. She said she could bear the broken bones now that he was there, told him how she wanted to be with him on New Year’s Eve and couldn’t stand the thought of him on the roof alone awaiting her arrival, assuming the worst. He admitted that he had assumed the worst but wasn’t alone. Later, Sabrina ran into Patrick in the hall and he said that wanted to talk about New Year’s Eve.

An injured Luke managed to make a call to Anna in Switzerland. She told him that he was right about Duke and that Robert had been hurt. Duke paced and listened. A doctor came out and explained to them that Robert was still in a coma and they had no treatment for him. "He's too mean to die," Anna sobbed. She added that she couldn’t stand him but needed him. When Duke tried to comfort her, she cringed and jump back. Then, they apologized to each other and he said that he knew it would take her time to see him for him.

Sabrina ran into Patrick at the hospital. He wanted to talk about New Year's Eve. Britt eavesdropped and then interrupted them with Ellie's chart. Patrick looked concerned and walked off. Britt questioned Sabrina and told her Patrick was “mortified” when she tried to kiss him at midnight. "You're making Patrick very uncomfortable," Britt said, lecturing her for “fraternizing” and placing Patrick in disciplinary danger.

Down the hall, Spinelli confessed to Ellie that he wasn't alone last, how he drank himself to oblivion and ended up with Maxie. She assumed he was just “keeping her company.” Spinelli attempted to set her straight but then Patrick came in and checked her feet. She had no feeling and started to panic. Patrick said that it may only be temporary swelling and would have to wait a week to know. Ellie was terrified and told Spinelli that she needed him to help her through it. He cradled her and promised that they would deal with the outcome together, whatever it was. Meanwhile, Patrick ran into Sabrina in the hall and she anxiously told him she had too much of a workload to look after Emma anymore. "Goodbye Dr. Drake," she said.

At home, Maxie tried writing Lulu and Dante a note about losing their baby. Dante showed up and asks what was up. Lulu followed moments later. Maxie was about to tell them something when Luke called to inform his daughter that he was in a Turkish prison. She urged him not to break out on his own and then told him that he was going to be a grandfather. Luke told his jailer, who didn’t care since there was a riot outside. After an explosion, the line went dead. Dante told Lulu they should head to Turkey to find him immediately. Maxie told them to focus on that and then they ran off.

At home, Sam sobbed and asks for a sign from Jason. John showed up and filled her in about Faison and how Faison shot Jason. He related the whole story in graphic detail of how Jason was shot and sank. "He's not waiting for you somewhere," he said. He was sorry. She cried and he held her.

Carly confronted Todd in his cell about the things he did. "I lost Starr. Tell me I didn't lose you too," he asked. She told him how degrading defending him to Sam was. He claimed that he has been honest with her. This whole plot has just been so convoluted he wasn’t sure what the truth was. Todd tried to explain and asked her to understand. She understood but said that he still humiliated her. Carly wanted to know why he did that. "Because of Jason," Todd admitted. She said that she could have fixed things. He told her that her smile kept him alive and begged her to forgive him. She took his hand and he kissed her through the bars. Then, he let it slip that he knew Jason was the baby's father before Sam did. She couldn’t believe he let Jason die without knowing the truth. "You've lost me," she said, adding that they weren’t friends and that he was horrible person.

At the hospital, Sabrina told Elizabeth that Patrick thought she was throwing herself at him. Elizabeth didn’t believe it and asked what Patrick actually said. Sabrina admitted Britt was the one who told her how embarrassed Patrick was. Elizabeth wanted her to forget about Britt and ask Patrick directly. Elizabeth told Sabrina that Britt stole her Christmas movie, so she was capable of anything.

Britt joined Patrick in the locker room and he admitted Sabrina was on his mind. Britt acted surprised to hear she quit. She discouraged him from speaking with Sabrina about it further and assured him that Emma would get over it. Then, she followed him into the shower, naked, and they had sex. Sabrina saw them and ran off, upset. Later, Patrick promised Britt that their next time would be on dry land. Alone, he touched his wedding ring.

Mac embraced Lucy at The Floating Rib. They reminisced about the old days and she was happy to hear he was back with Felicia. Tracy arrived for her meeting with Lucy and orders two Floating Rib specials. Lucy told her that she had to do better if she wanted her vote and Tracy handed over a piece of paper. "Will this do?" she asked. ELQ was prepared to buy out CoeCoe and underwrite the ball. Lucy told her that the situation with CoeCoe has deteriorated more, so she had to liquidate. She added that she wanted a job at ELQ instead - co-CEO. And if she didn’t get it, she would give her vote to AJ.

Alexis stopped AJ from going into Trey’s hospital room. She told him that he wreaked havoc everywhere he went and expected his mommy to clean it up. Michael interrupted them. He told Alexis that Kristina needed her and she joined her in the room. AJ told Michael that he could get Lucy to make the deciding vote if Michael would sign to remove Tracy. Michael signed. AJ told him that he had dreamed of working with Michael and assured him that he wouldn’t regret it.

Sonny visited Connie in jail. He told her that he’d pay her bail so she could see Trey and she wondered what the catch was. He said that he knew how helpless and scared she was and told her about Michael’s coma and the experimental surgery. Then, he grabbed her hands and reiterated that Trey was brain dead. She was upset because she hadn’t done anything for Trey his whole life and now she had to be the one to end it? He promised her she wouldn’t be alone.

AJ arrived in the conference room for the Nurse’s Ball meeting and ran into Elizabeth. She told him that Monica suggested Elizabeth be his friend. He was embarrassed but Elizabeth thought Monica just wanted him to have someone to talk to. And she could always use a friend. Lucy arrived and AJ asked her to sign to remove Tracy. But Tracy arrived next with her signed contract with Lucy. Lucy apologized to AJ but a “girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.’ AJ stormed off, upset that Tracy would run ELQ in the ground. Sabrina told Elizabeth what she saw in the shower right before Patrick and Britt showed up. Lucy called the meeting to order and thanked ELQ for underwriting the ball. Tracy begrudgingly signed the check and Elizabeth congratulates Sabrina, who then ran off.

Sonny returned to the hospital with Connie. She asked to see Trey before removing him from life support and went in alone. Kristina thanked Sonny and gave him a hug. Sonny told Michael they got a miracle when Michael came out if his coma and said that nothing was worse than feeling like you failed you kid. Michael told him that he never failed him, AJ listened as they talked. Inside Trey’s room, Connie admitted to being a lousy mother. “We had a start and an end and nothing in between.” She commented how handsome he was and hoped he had a good life. She then said that she should have gotten to know him but she didn’t and that was on her. Then, she took his hand and started crying, shocked by its warmth. “How can I do this?” Later, Sonny went to get Connie, but she was gone.

AJ sat at the bar at The Floating Rib. Connie came in and ordered a double vodka. She remembered leaving Trey at the hospital. Later, she offered to buy AJ a drink.

Alone in his cell, Todd read aloud his apology letter to Carly. He hoped it wasn’t too late for them. John interrupted and teased Todd about not counting on getting Carly back. He took a quick picture of Todd with his cell phone and encouraged him to "work it." Todd called out John for judging him, because he was no different than him. He said that they both acted without thinking and disregard the rules when it suited them. John never swapped babies, but he did cheat on his wife. Todd then said he was going to prove to John he was one of the good guys by getting Natalie and Liam back. Todd said he could go to war with Clint on John’s behalf but it would be hard to do that from Pentonville, so John needed to get him out. He wanted John to find something that tainted the case. He offered to put a million dollars into Liam’s college fund. Todd was bribing John, who taped the whole conversation. He said he needed insurance in case Todd walked on these charges. Todd was confident Diane would get this thrown out. John left Todd to his writing and said his apology letter needed a lot more work.

Carly dropped by Michael’s place to see him but Starr was there alone. She could tell that Carly was upset and she admitted she dropped Todd. He swore on Starr’s life he was innocent. Starr wonders why Carly even believed him. Carly admitted that she wanted to. Todd said he was her friend and a friend takes your side even when they’re wrong. She would have been that to Todd if he had trusted her. Then, Carly realized she was trashing Todd to his own daughter and instantly regretted it, but Starr understood. They turned their talk to Michael and Starr thought Carly should let him have his own relationship with AJ. Carly feared AJ sees Michael as a trophy. She encouraged Starr to go to Michael and Trey and said they were lucky to have her.

At the hospital, Olivia was worried about Steve. He told her not to worry. There was a wedding, a grandchild and a honeymoon coming up. Why be upset? She told him that she was sad that she never got to know her cousin’s son. “Now I never will and neither will Kate.” Outside Trey’s room, Kristina blamed Sonny for Connie’s escape. Sonny defended Connie and said that he believed that she was truly broken up about Trey. They split up to search for Connie and Alexis found Kristina with her hand on the plug in Trey’s room and stopped her. Alexis told her that it will be considered murder. Kristina worried Connie was gone for good. Meanwhile, Olivia had a vision and thought Connie was doing shots at The Floating Rib. Sonny left to check it out. Starr encouraged Michael to call Carly because she was bad shape because of Todd.

Connie ordered another drink at The Floating Rib. She spotted AJ and offered to buy him one and he agreed. Coleman was happy to see Kate and she wondered if he wanted to take a spin for old times’ sake. He said that doesn’t need trouble by sleeping with Sonny’s ex and AJ’s ears pricked up. Then, Coleman spotted AJ and Connie realized that they knew each other. AJ admitted Michael was his son and he that hadn’t had a drink in years. He told her that his big plans for Michael and ELQ fell apart. She told him about the son she would never get to know too. They raised their drinks but he didn’t touch his. Then, Carly walked in and Connie called it skank night at The Floating Rib, which got a chuckle from AJ. Carly raged on Connie until she threw her glass on the ground and told Carly to leave her the hell alone. Then, AJ gave Carly his drink and said, “I won’t be needing it.” Carly got her own booth and told Coleman to keep the drinks coming. Meanwhile, Connie and AJ hit the jukebox. He liked the idea of getting rid of their problems for the night. Connie saw Sonny come in, grabbed AJ and started making out with him.



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