George Clooney picks up stranger's tab at Berlin restaurant

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,

George Clooney picked up a stranger’s tab while eating at the Grill Royal restaurant in Berlin over the weekend.

In the story, originally reported by German newspaper Bild, Clooney was enjoying a meal with some friends, being lively and talkative. Afterwards, Clooney began to worry that his party might have been a little too rowdy, so in an act of kindness, paid the $135 bill for a nearby table’s dinner, according to Yahoo! News.

According to the German businessman on the receiving end of Clooney’s generosity, the party was not being rowdy at all. Gossip Cop reports the man said Clooney and his friends “had behaved in a very cultivated manner,” and he was “stunned” that the star felt the need to pay his tab.

The businessman didn’t realize who Clooney was until after he left the restaurant. On his way out, he went to Clooney’s table and left his card, saying one day he hopes to return the favor.



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