'Girls' Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: 'I Get Ideas'

By Liz Crumpacker,

"...But what if he's murder-y in like, a murder-y way?"

Hannah is still dealing with the repercussions of breaking up with Adam, who has now resorted to sending her videos of him singing depressing songs. Elijah reassures Hannah that her ex probably won't kill her, but he is walking a thin line between sad and creepy.

When Adam shows up at Hannah's apartment in the middle of the night and won't leave, Hannah calls 911 but changes her mind and quickly hangs up the phone. Just as Adam is leaving the police show up and Adam is hauled away to the station. Hannah's response? "I just wanted him to stop texting me!"

Hannah goes to see Jessa for the first time since her wedding to Thomas-John, and Jessa says she has never been better. We don't see much of Thomas-John as he rushes off to a work meeting as soon as Hannah arrives, but not before leaving Jessa with a basket filled with adorable puppies.

Even though things seemed to have been going well for Sandy and Hannah, things go downhill quickly when she asks him to read one of her stories. After saying he has been too busy to read it, Hannah complains that he would have already if he cared about her. Sandy admits he has read it, but it 'wasn't for him'.

Hannah seems taken aback but asks for his honest opinion and feedback. He reassures her it was very well written but he felt as if nothing happened during the story. Hannah fires back that she doesn't think they should continue dating because his Republican beliefs aren't compatible with her own. The subsequent argument and breakup defines Dunham's ability to maintain just the right amount of absurdity in the interactions between her characters while still making it real, relatable, and hilarious.

Elijah's boyfriend George is more upset than expected about Elijah's ill fated escapade with Marnie. George says he is too old to deal with someone who is unfaithful and still exploring his identity, and breaks off their relationship. Unfortunately for Elijah, this not only means he is single but also without a steady source of income that George had so kindly provided. He warns Marnie that they cannot possible tell Hannah they slept together, as it would hurt her too much.

Marnie, also without an income, continues her job search and has a very awkward interview at another art gallery. The interviewer says she would love to hire her, but won't. Marnie is told she doesn't seem cut out for the art world, anyways. Shoshanna and Ray encourage her to seek out a 'pretty person job' and Marnie lands a gig as a hostess.

I would be surprised if this is the last we see of either Adam or Sandy, and I can't wait to see how the Shoshanna and Ray relationship unfolds. Will Elijah and Marnie keep their secret from Hannah? Will Jessa's newlywed life continue to be filled with roses and...puppies? Girls will certainly keep us hooked as we wait to find out.



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