'Girls' Season 2 Premiere Recap: It's About Time

By Liz Crumpacker,
'You really don't have to try to be anything you're not...'

The Season 2 premiere of Girls has one clear message: Hannah is finally taking control of her life. However, that doesn't mean audiences will be subjected to watching a show with functional people and relationships - there is still plenty of drama to go around. Hannah (Lena Dunham) has found a new love interest in Sandy (Donald Glover) but is determined not to repeat past her past mistakes, meaning she won't, "Like someone just because they like me."

Adam (Adam Driver), on the other hand, doesn't know about Sandy and seems to assume that Hannah will stay in his life indefinitely. He is making a very slow recovery after being hit by a bus, and relies on Hannah as his sole caretaker. After leaving her own party to tend to him, Hannah finally draws the line and says, "I feel what I feel when I feel it..." which at this moment means she wants nothing to do with Adam.

Since her best friend Marnie (Allison Williams) moved out of the apartment they once shared, Hannah is now living with her gay ex-boyfriend from college, Elijah (Andrew Rannells). They keep reveling in the great set up they have, and couldn't be happier as roommates - perhaps foreshadowing future conflicts. They throw a party and it goes less smoothly than planned.

Elijah's boyfriend George gets way too drunk and has to be escorted out, leaving Elijah unsure of whether they should stay together. He tells Marnie their lives are too intertwined and it is sure to be messy - George pays for everything, after all. Marnie and Elijah sing karaoke together as they are the last two left at the party, and Elijah confesses that he thinks he might be bi. Both drunk, they attempt to have sex but it ends poorly, just one more mishap in Marnie's life as of late.

The art gallery where Marnie works is "downsizing" and since her boss is sleeping with the only other employee, Marnie is let go. Feeling depressed without a job or a boyfriend, Marnie has an awkward lunch with her mom where they berate each other about their respective eating habits and choices in men. Looking for support, Marnie asks Hannah, "Are we okay?", because she is down on her luck and needs a friend. The tables have certainly turned for these two, but Hannah reassures Marnie she is still there for her.

At the party, Marnie talks briefly with her ex-boyfriend Charlie while he is waiting for his new girlfriend in the bathroom. The new relationship appears less than perfect, and Marnie says she is completely over Charlie. That doesn't stop her from going to his house after the Elijah incident to sleep over, needing some cuddle comfort without "causing trouble" for his new relationship.

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) has her own issues going on. She shows up to the party determined to have a good time even if Ray (Alex Karpovsky), the guy who "deflowered" her and stopped contacting her, decides to come. He does show up, and despite pointed attempts by Shoshanna to ignore him, he finds her alone looking for her coat at the end of the night. After some amazing banter about big girl pants and emoji's (Shoshanna has no problem with them, Ray does) Ray says that when he is around her he remembers how great she is. Shoshanna's protective shield is broken down and Ray kisses her passionately.

An episode of Girls would be incomplete without an appearance by Jessa (Jemima Kirke), the wild child who had a surprise wedding the end of last season. Her now husband Thomas-John (Chris O'Dowd) was introduced in the middle of first season as a creepy venture capitalist, but seems to have picked up some charm since then. The two cut through a crowd at the airport to get into a taxi, appearing to have returned from a honeymoon in Mexico. Jessa laughs as she realizes she has no idea where to direct the driver - she doesn't even know their home address.

Things are changing in Brooklyn, and it will be interesting to see how the 'girls' we have grown to both love and hate face these changes as Season 2 progresses.



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