'Girls' season two premiere recap

By Jackie Tuman,
'Girls' kicks off the second season

The second season of Girls broke out with Hannah in bed with her new roommate Elijah, who also happens to be her gay ex-boyfriend.

After a lengthy discussion of all of the themed parties the two have planned for their future life together, they broke out simultaneously like giddy school girls…

“I love living with you!”

Hannah’s love life took quite a turn when she is seen getting hot and heavy with a black man within the first 10 minutes. This gives the audience a safe assumption that she and Adam are on the fritz.

In the last season, we saw Adam confessing his love for Hannah then stepping into the street only to get struck by a bus. Hannah feels too guilty to break up with her vulnerable bed-ridden boyfriend “who can barely wipe himself,” due to a broken leg.

Hannah wants to take her time with her new love interest and do things differently this time.

Shoshanna’s seems a bit frail now that she has been “deflowered” by Ray. She is shown putting some kind of curse of sorts on Ray, which includes waving her arm and creating smoke. She insists it's to ward him off and punish him for blowing her off after the incident.

Shoshanna claims to be completely fine with Ray coming to the party at Hannah and Elijah’s after arriving considerably early.

“I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued,” she rants on at her normally fast speed.

Jessa is briefly shown sporting cornrows on her way home. Of course, she is with her new husband traveling back from their impromptu honeymoon after their surprise wedding, happy as ever.

The party at Elijah and Hannah’s unravels some unexpected events when Marnie has to watch her ex with his new “Navajo” girlfriend. This, along with getting fired, helps to get Marnie nice and drunk. Among other drama at the party, Elijah insists Hannah throw out his lover, George, for being too drunk and ruining the party.

Hannah takes on the challenge and tricks him since he is under the complete impression Hannah is the only nice one there. When she ends up ditching him, he gets rather upset and stumbles his way home, bottle in hand.

Marnie and Elijah start a karaoke session after the party clears out, performing a drunken duet of Sarah McLaughlin’s, Building the Mystery. After playful flirting about starting a band and Elijah’s thoughts on being bisexual, the two end up hooking up and almost going too far. His love of men and inability to become aroused by eye-rolling females stops the fun.

“You know, you don’t have to try and be something you’re not,” Marnie says as she pulls up her dress.

“Neither do you,” Elijah strikes back.

Hannah and Adam get into a tense argument when Adam says he wants her there all the time. If he can’t have her there, he claims he will die. Hannah is over him and wants nothing to do with their relationship anymore.

“I’ve tried taking care of people. I feel like I just don’t ever want to see you again.” Hannah comes to a revelation yelling at Adam and says she is done.

The episode ends with Hannah visiting her black lover, stripping down to her bare behind and plopping on the bed.

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