'Glee' Recap: 'Sadie Hawkins'

By Samantha Velez,
Life's not about waiting to be asked

“Sadie Hawkins” is the eleventh episode of season four of Glee. Before the winter break, the glee club lost Sectionals when Marley passed out on stage. The group can no longer compete and to top it off Sue takes the choir room for Cheerios practice. Meanwhile, Sam swears something fishy is going on with the Warblers. One of their members was mysteriously absent from Sectionals.

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At the Student Council meeting, Tina proposes that they throw McKinley’s first Sadie Hawkins dance. The other girls are in agreement. They are all sick of waiting to be asked out for prom and want to be able to ask the guys for a change. They even had a meeting about it at the Too Young to be Bitter Club where Lauren Zizes, Puck’s ex-girlfriend, reappears.

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Kurt starts his first week at NYADA after being admitted at a surprise audition. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know where he fits in yet, realizing that NYADA has social cliques just like high school. The stage fighting choreographers are the jocks, the classical acting majors are the preps, and the ballerinas are the mean girls.

To make friends, Kurt contemplates joining the choir group The Adam’s Apples, but Rachel warns him that it would be social and career suicide. Choir groups are at the bottom of the performing arts hierarchy. However, Kurt meets Adam, the founder of the group, who is really cute and possibly Kurt’s new love interest. Adam convinces him to attend a meeting where they sing “Baby Got Back” by Jonathan Coulton.

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Coach Beiste explains to Finn just how empowering Sadie Hawkins can be. In school, she was never asked out but after asking the preacher’s son to the dance she gained the confidence to join the football team. Finn decides to center the week’s lesson around the dance and tells the girls to sing songs to the boys they want to ask.

The guys begin to realize just how stressful waiting to be asked out is. Tina starts by singing “I Don’t Know How to Love Him,” from Jesus Christ Superstar, to Blaine, of all people. Blaine, Kurt’s ex-boyfriend, awkwardly rejects her invitation in front of everyone. Brittany convinces Marley to sing to Jake and the glee girls, including Unique of course, sing “Tell Him” in vintage blue dresses. Jake accepts and Brittany asks Sam, who also accepts with a Yoda impression, saying, “Honor it would be.”

Kitty confronts Jake afterwards, asking him to ditch Marley and go with her. When he declines she explains that she is a sure thing. Later, Jake has coffee with Puck, who has moved back to wrote on a screenplay. Puck's advice is to go out with Marley, the girl Jake really likes, and promises he will take care of Kitty. Puck finds Kitty at school, demanding that she stay away from Jake. In the end, he agrees to go to the dance with Kitty in Jake’s place.

When Tina apologizes to Blaine, knowing that he was once bullied at a Sadie Hawkins dance. When Blaine tells her that’s not the reason he declined she demands to know why. Blaine actually has a harmless crush on Sam, who is straight and dating Brittany. Tina understands but asks him to attend the dance with her as best friends and he agrees.

New Directions is a hit at the dance, with the boys singing “No Scrubs” by TLC and the girls singing “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. Coach Beiste talks the wall flowers to ask boys to dance. Lauren asks Joe, Sugar asks Artie, which is intercut with Kurt asking Adam to go to coffee. Adam accepts and puts his number into Kurt’s phone.

In the locker room, Blaine and Sam plead their case to Finn, even bringing in ex-Warbler member Trent who claims that the Warblers are in fact taking steroids. If Trent agrees to testify the Warblers would have to drop out of the competition and New Directions could go back to competing.

Kitty and Puck seem to actually get along. She read and liked his screenplay about a pool boy at the White House saving the President when alien terrorist aquatic pythons attack. She suggests that they hook up in her car. Jake and Marley are also having a good time and he is obviously happy with his choice.

Back in New York, Rachel is really mad when Brody is late to dinner, even though he explains that the train was late. He proposes that he get an apartment closer to hers but she asks him to move in instead. The episode ends before we hear his answer.

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