Glenn Beck tried to buy Al Gore’s Current TV before Gore went with Al Jazeera

By Daniel S Levine,

Conservative radio commentator Glenn Beck reportedly tried to buy Current TV, the network co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore, before it went to Al Jazeera for a reported $500 million.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Beck’s The Blaze media company had approached Gore, notes Politico.

A source confirmed to Politico that The Blaze had “reached out to them to buy it” last year. “They would have replaced Current programming with The Blaze programming, but were told on initial calls that [Current] wouldn't sell to someone they weren't ideologically in line with,” the source explained.

According to The Huffington Post, Beck later confirmed the report on his talk show this morning, saying that Al Jazeera wasn’t even the highest bidder.

Gore “didn’t sell to the highest bidder,” Beck told listeners. “We were not allowed to the table. He didn’t sell to the highest bidder. He looked for, who do I ideologically align with.”

In the official announcement, Gore said that the network picked Al Jazeera because they share similar goals, a line Beck pounced on.

“The vice president of the United States of America tells you that he is more ideologically aligned with Al‑Jazeera than an American broadcaster who believes in America, just doesn’t believe in what he does, believes that America is a good place, that America is ‑‑ has a bright future ahead of it if we just do the right thing, a guy who believes that global warming is nonsense,” he said, bringing up the irony that Al Jazeera is actually owned by the Qatar government, which relies on oil.

Politico notes that there have also been reports that Gore wanted to finalize the deal on Dec. 31 to avoid the high tax rates that will be imposed after the fiscal cliff deal goes into law.

However, the deal was not done until Wednesday.



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