Haim wins BBC Sound of 2013 poll

By Douglas MacCutcheon,

After a nerve-wrecking countdown, the American band Haim was finally announced as the winner of the BBC Sound of 2013 poll on Friday. Other notable first-place winners in the past include 50 Cent in 2003 and Adele in 2008. Although this poll can’t guarantee overriding success, it shows Haim’s potential as future key-players on the international stage.

Since the release of their EP Forever in 2012, Haim have been captivating listeners with their free-spirited stage presence and high-energy pop, hovering somewhere in the balance between a folky take on Patti Smith-style punk-rock and the synth-based pop-rock acts of the 80s and 90s like the Eurythmics.

Currently on tour in the U.K. as an opening act for Florence and the Machine, Haim were first noticed in 2012 after the online release of their two singles, “Forever” and “Don’t Save Me," and these three sisters from Los Angeles have been gaining favour with the public ever since.

When asked how it felt to have won first place in this prestigious poll in a recent interview with BBC radio presenter Huw Stephens, the youngest sister Alana immediately blurted, “When we found out, like, we literally had a group hug and cry... It was like a dream come true.”



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