'Hangover' director Todd Phillips gets restraining order against one-time fling

By Gavriella Tjandra,

The Golden Globe-winning director Todd Phillips filed a restraining order against Juliana Shiao, a girl he admitted of having a one-night relationship with.

Phillips field the court document on Monday, claiming that the 22-year-old woman had left him and his girlfriend fearing for their safety and caused “great anxiety," by continuously texting, leaving voicemails, and visiting them in person, reports E! News.

According to TMZ, Phillips admitted of meeting Shiao two years ago in a movie set, and they spent a night together. Shiao began texting him in Spring 2011, a few months after their night together.

Shiao, however, decided cross that line afterward. The 42-year-old filmmaker stated she began stalking him last August, and claiming that the text she sent had progressively became more aggressive and threatening.

She even showed up at his house, demanded to be let in, and followed him to Vegas last November.

After Vegas, she followed through with her threats when she damaged Phillips’ girlfriend’s car, kicking it and tearing the windshield wipers off.

Further, there was evidence found that Shiao seemed to be staying at Phillips’ backyard and pool-house while the director was away.

Shiao was arrested with trespassing and she must stay as far as 1000 yards away from Phillips. The hearing on whether the charge should be made permanent would fall on January 28.

She pleaded not guilty to the stalking charge.



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