Happy Birthday Blue Ivy Carter!

By Jenna Katherine Nelson,

Beyonce and Blue Ivy, via Beyonce's Tumblr.

Last year we welcomed music royalty Blue Ivy Carter into the world. From her $1,000 baby stroller to her $1 million nursery at the Barclays Center, here are our top five baby Blue Ivy moments of her first year.

5. She's already a first class jet-setter. The Carters haven't wasted any time travelling to some of the hottest spots on earth. From Paris to St. Barts and the Mediterranean, Blue Ivy's version of a vacation is nothing short of the good life.

4. She's got a closet any fashionista would kill for. From her bedazzled kicks to gold Marc Jacobs booties we're not sure if we're more jealous of your wardrobe or Suri Cruise's.

3. She's got more famous aunties and uncles than we can count. From Rhianna to Gwyneth Paltrow, the best A-list celebs have helped celebrate your first year of life.

2. She's the baby with it all. From a Swarovski encrusted high chair to the essential baby gifts from Tiffany's, Blue has it all. She's even added a $1 million nursery at the Barclay Center for when daddy Jay Z needs to watch the Nets play.

1. She's the youngest person on the Billboard charts. Dad Jay-Z recorded song "Glory" within hours of Blue's arrival. With her newborn cries on the track, Blue takes the record for youngest person ever on the Billboard charts. "Glory" debuted at no. 74.

Take a listen:



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