‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Old Alabama

By Freda Eang,

Zoe and Wade are officially a couple now in Bluebell and they take their relationship publically when they volunteer to help Lavon with the upcoming Pioneer Day by taking on the role of the Founding Couple. The two are much in love and are enjoying each other’s company, but the snarky comments of the townsfolk along with Lavon makes Zoe question if Wade will eventually return to his old bad boy ways. From Wade losing Zoe’s car and forgetting about their picnic date, while lying about other small things, Zoe starts to worry if what everyone is saying is true. Instead of confronting Wade about all these problems of late, Zoe chooses to deal with it in a more passive manner. She embodies the teachings of the Founding Wife and tries to forget her problems through projects or in this case sewing.

While all this is happening between our two lovebirds, the single individuals of Bluebell are working hard on making sure that Pioneer Day will be a success since a reporter from Southern Living magazine will be in town to report on the event. Lavon has not been in the best of moods since Ruby’s departure and has been falling behind his Mayor duties. As he tries hard to mend his broken heart, Lemon approaches him to volunteer to cater for First Feast. Still holding a grudge against her, Lavon gives the honor of First Feast to Annabeth alone. By the end of the event though, it seems that Lavon is starting to forgive Lemon for what she done. Unfortunately he still doesn’t know the real reason why Lemon told Ruby about the two of them being together. I figure the cat will be out of the bag before the season is over. On a side note, George tries to help Brick break it off with Shelby since Brick is having difficulty doing it himself, but later changes his mind as he realizes that he likes her.

Back to our lovebirds at large, Zoe eventually gets extremely angry and upset with Wade and ends up exploding at him during their role-playing session in front of the entire town. The two of them fortunately were able to resolve their issues and let’s just say that they will continue to bicker when the time comes. Also, George’s folks are visiting Bluebell in the upcoming episode. Any thoughts why?

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW.



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