Harvey Weinstein says it's his fault Quentin Tarantino didn't get an Oscar nod for best director in 'Django Unchained'

By Gina DiFalco,

Harvey Weinstein is saying in a new interview that he takes full responsibility for Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar snub for directing Django Unchained.

Weinstein says that the fact they were so late in submitting the film really hurt Tarantino’s chances of getting a nomination for an Academy Award this year, Vanity Fair reports.

He told Deadline “I don’t want to use the word ‘robbed,’ but Quentin Tarantino not in the running for Best Director? He is one of the greatest directors of our time.”

He continued, “Here’s what I think happened on Django. We finished the movie December 1. We didn’t show it until a few days later. The race was early this year: the voting cutoff was January 3. We tried to show it to people in theaters, not on DVD.

It’s an epic movie and that man put his whole life and heart into this. It’s his most important movie, his most important subject matter, and the idea of DVDs stopped me cold. And I stopped them. I wouldn’t do it.

When the interviewer asks what he means about “stopping” the DVDs, noting he even has one, he said “I delayed them. I wanted people to see it on the big screen. I told Quentin we’d probably pay the price at the Oscars, but it was the right way to see an epic period movie about a man who does not give up. Eventually, we gave out the DVDs but we paid the price for being late.”

He did add, however, “We paid no price as far as the gigantic business the movie’s doing. It’s the biggest of Quentin’s career. After we put our heart and soul into the movie, the Oscar campaign was secondary. But make no mistake about it – we got five nominations including Best Picture, and we only had one week. We sent the DVDs out on December 17.”

image: TWC



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