Hoarders searching to live with other hoarders in bizarre Craigslist posting

By Daniel S Levine,

A&E producers better get busy. The ultimate Hoarders situation is in the works in San Francisco.

A group of hoarders in San Francisco posted a bizarre ad on Craigslist, looking for a new roommate. But the roommate must also be a hoarder.

“Normies don't understand so we have got to set this boundary,” the posting reads, adding that if you like to cook, it “won’t work,” since there is “no space in the refrigerator or cabinets.”

The four-bedroom hoarder household has just one room available, but the rest of the house is filled to the brim with the other tenants’ stuff. “The entire house is filled floor to ceiling with our things,” the posting reads. “We are willing to accommodate your needs with a space that we can clear in the living room for your things.”

There are two bathrooms, but one doesn’t work, the laundry room isn’t functional and the backyard is “off limits.” However, “We are very supportive of the hoarder lifestyle and make no judgments.”

This group isn’t just going to let anyone in, so you have to be a certified hoarder by their standards. They request that you meet with them in person at another location first, then they’ll decide to include you. They also stress that no cameras or media can join you.

“We will meet offsite initially to see if we click and then we can show you the apartment,” the post reads.

According to The Huffington Post, some Reddit users who noticed the listing are questioning the legitimacy of the post. After all, the other tenants need to see your hoard before they show off theirs.

“My guess is its a fake post to just collect a bunch of nasty horder pictures and possible post them online for imaginary internet points,” one Reddit user wrote.



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