Hot in Social Media: Pretty Little Liars, Baltimore Ravens fans vs. ESPN, and more

By Gina Oursler,

In the first full week of the new year, there have been several trends being spread across the Twitter-verse and Facebook feeds. Here are just a few of the largest trending events to kick off 2013.

#PrettyLittleLiars (or #PLL to superfans) returned on Tuesday evening to ABC Family with its winter premiere. Fans all over the world shared their excitement over the popular teen-drama’s return in the days leading up to its premiere. And, what’s even more exciting about this trend on Twitter for fans is that cast members, such as Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale, live tweeted throughout the day in anticipation of the show’s newest episode.

Justin Timberlake posted a semi-cryptic tweet this week saying:

Turns out that JT is bringing his sexy-back again in 2013 with new music! The former ‘NSYNC’er stir up quite a buzz with his vague tweet before announcing his return to the music world with a new album in the works.

On Facebook and Twitter, dedicated football fans across the country raised confusions and frustrations over a post from ESPN regarding Saturday’s AFC matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. An ESPN.com story subheader read, “…because Sunday was your final NFL win, Ray Lewis. Your career will end in Denver.” NFL fans (not just from Baltimore) showed anger at the headline on message boards, Facebook, and Twitter throughout the week.

Discussion: Does this statement take away from the objectiveness that journalists are expected to have? Would you have allowed this to be posted if you were at this organization?



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