Hulk Hogan sued Florida Laser Spine Institute

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Wrestler Hulk Hogan claims that the Laser Spine Institute (LSI) in Florida is a fraudulent company, and he's suing them for $50 million.

According to TMZ, Hogan stated in the lawsuit that the doctors lied to him to undergo multiple bogus and completely useless medical procedures.

Hogan stated that those procedures had damaged his career for approximately $50 million.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that back in 2009, the wrestler whose real name is Terry Bollea, began to feel a lower-back pain, and went into looking for a credible and good physician.

Based on a neighbor's recommendation, he eventually decided to go to Tampa's Laser Spine Institute without an appointment.

He said that the doctor there recommended Hogan the "least harmful" treatments with a hastier recovery, better success, and recommended by other surgeons.

In the long run, Hogan claimed that the surgery made him feel worse. He blamed the institute for not telling him that the laser treatment was only temporary instead of permanent.

The institute delayed him from returning to the ring, and kept him from having a match with John Cena, Hogan's lawyer said.

To add up, Hogan said the LSI used his credibility and image to promote their business without his permission.

The LSI released a statement saying they had acknowledged that Hogan filed a lawsuit, but refused to comment as they kept the confidentiality of patients.



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