James Deen talks New York Times article: 'Accurate enough that it can't be said that it's not; it's not a lie'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

James Deen, who stars in The Canyons with controversial starlet Lindsay Lohan, is opening up following the much talked-about New York Times article which reveals the onset details of production of The Canyons along with details regarding working with Lohan.

Like Lohan, who mostly agreed with what the article said, Deen spoke to Entertinament Weekly saying the write-up is “accurate enough that it can't be said that it's not; it's not a lie.”

He explains, “The best way I can describe [the Times article] is actual life events reflected in a mirror and then retold for dramatic effect…It's accurate enough that it can't be said that it's not; it's not a lie. But it's twisted enough that if you were actually there you're like, 'Wait. That's not exactly what happened.'"

During the phone interview, Deen also touched base on the audio which surfaced last week revealing the 26-year-old actress telling Deen to do his “fu**ing job.” He clarifies, "It's just the delicate ego of the Hollywood person. I've learned that most people in the Hollywood mainstream world are so delicate, fragile and egotistical. [Comments like mine] really f*** with their heads."
So what wasn’t accurate in Deen’s eyes regarding the write up? “The Times said there were a bunch of other porn stars there, but that's not right,” he explains, pointing out the scene where Lohan demanded that production strip down to make her feel more comfortable for the nudity scene.

He notes that Lohan's request was only voiced because she was uncomfortable and felt the scene should have been made a "bigger deal."

Deen notes that all-in-all, the filming went well with Lohan and the two occasionally text. He notes he enjoyed creating the film, but despite his role he will always be known as ‘that porn guy.’

image: INFDaily



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