James Deen talks working with Lindsay Lohan on ‘The Canyons’ and NY Times expose

By Daniel S Levine,

Porn star James Deen has now become the latest part of the Lindsay Lohan saga, co-starring in The Canyons with the troubled actress. Following a New York Times expose on the making of the film, Deen has been everywhere, talking about it and what it was like to work with Lohan. In his latest interview, Deen again says that the Times article was mostly true and discusses how nudity made Lohan very uncomfortable.

Deen told The Daily Beast that he describes the article as “Accurate events reflected in the mirror, and then retold for dramatic effect.”

“I thought the whole experience was really fantastic,” he said when asked about working with Lohan. He then suggested that the audio recording of her yelling at him was released by her camp just to make her look good after the story came out. “Two hours before that, I told her I was doing this film for my own self-gratification—as something exciting and new—and I think she took it the wrong way, as an affront to her profession, and as I was just there to hang out,” he explained about the recording. “But that whole situation was defused by her taking a time-out and me talking to her and explaining what I meant.”

He later notes that Lohan has a “unique style of communication” and talked about how Lohan wasn’t very open to doing a four-way sex scene at first.

“Lindsay needs to be the star. So, the female was in the adult film world and the other male was just some model guy,” he explained. “I’m very comfortable naked, the other girl was very comfortable naked, and I wanted everyone to be as comfortable as possible to get the scene done correctly. The crew got comfortable, the girl did, and then the other male did, and it wasn’t a big deal. This I believe made Lindsay less comfortable, because she’s never done a sex scene, so to her, this was a big deal that she was showing her boobs and simulating sex, and seeing everyone so relaxed, she felt like she needed to throw some drama in there and bring attention back to her.”

Lohan was still being problematic and suggested that “When Julia Roberts does topless scenes, she makes the whole crew shoot in their boxers! I want that!” Deen remembers. The crew rolled their eyes “and was like ‘We’re not doing that. We’ll do that for f**kin’ Julia Roberts, but not you. Go find another crew; we’ll just leave.’”

Lohan herself has agreed that the Times article was mostly accurate.

The Canyons, which was directed by Paul Schrader, has yet to secure a distributor and will not be shown at the Sundance Film Festival.



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