Jeff Zucker reportedly has no interest in bringing Ann Curry to CNN

By Daniel S Levine,

Jeff Zucker has been the head of CNN for a week and he’s already bringing in some new talent to the network. However, one person who won’t be joining CNN is Ann Curry. According to a report, the rumors that Zucker was interested in Curry’s services are false.

Earlier this month, there were reports that Curry had been begging to get out of her NBC contract. Since she left the Today Show, her talents have been used sparingly and she was hoping to go to another network that would giver her more work to do. At the same time, It was reported that Zucker, who worked with Curry on Today, was interested in giving her a primetime slot on CNN.

However, TMZ is reporting that these rumors are false. “Ann has been sainted because of what happened to her [on Today]. The fact is ... she definitely can't carry a prime time show,” a source close to Zucker told the site.

If Zucker wanted to give her a CNN job, it would probably be as a foreign correspondent, TMZ’s source say. Still, that’s “highly unlikely,” since she still has that $10 million contract with NBC.

Meanwhile, Zucker has made some big moves to change CNN. According to The Huffington Post, Zucker has signed former ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols to host a sports show last week.

Deadline reported on Monday that CNN is talking with Chris Cuomo, a reporter for ABC’s 20/20. Cuomo is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s brother.



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