Jennifer Lawrence slept through Oscar nominations, her parents told her she was nominated

By April Chieffo,

Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for an Academy Award this year for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. At the Critics’ Choice Awards, the 22-year-old revealed how she found out the news that morning.

 Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the 18th Annual Critics' C... on Twitpic

"I was having a sleepover with my parents," Lawrence told MTV News .

She explained that due to her exhausting and busy night at the People’s Choice Awards the night before, she slept through the nominations. It was her parents who told her she was nominated.

“This time I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t open my eyes and then my parents came into my room and kissed my forehead and told me congratulations,” she said to Entertainment Weekly. she says after she found out she was nominated, she went back to sleep.

“I know, it’s really nerdy," she added. "And then they told me about the movie and [Robert De Niro] and Jacki [Weaver] and Bradley [Cooper] and David [O Russell]. Try going back to sleep after that!”

Lawrence says after she found out she was nominated, she had a special way of congratulating her co-stars on their nominations.

“I just sent them a picture of Obama on a unicorn with a rainbow saying ‘Congratulations,’” she said.

This is Jennifer Lawrence’s second Oscar nomination. She was nominated for her role in Winter’s Bone in 2011.

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