Jennifer Lawrence takes on 'Saturday Night Live' hosting duties, takes jab at fellow Oscar nominees (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Golden Globe winner Jennifer Lawrence took on hosting duties Saturday evening on Saturday Night Live where the 22-year-old actress took to joking about Tommy Lee Jones as well as slamming her fellow Oscar nominated actresses as she explains they aren’t going to win against her.

Lawrence, who recently received flack for her Golden Globe speech when she quipped “I beat Meryl” from The First Wives Club, took to the stage to clarify her intentions to her SNL audience.

“One thing happened at the Globes that I need to clarify. During my acceptance speech, I said ‘I beat Meryl,' which is a quote from the movie The First Wives Club, but which some people took as me trash-talking Meryl Streep, which is crazy…I would never trash-talk any of my fellow nominees at the Golden Globes...but the Oscars are another story,” she quipped as quoted by E! News.

Lawrence followed with some off-the-cuff humor, calling out her fellow nominees one by one.

"Jessica Chastain? More like Jessica ain't winning an Oscar on my watch!” Lawrence professed.

Later in the evening Lawrence went on to make fun The Hunger Games where reporters pressed her character Katniss and co-gamer Peeta if her partner has been using Performance ‘Reducing’ Drugs. "Peeta, have you been using performance reducing drugs?" as well as pressing “What kind of name is Katniss?"

"My grandmother had a severe speech impediment and we never knew if that's [the name] she had in mind," she replied.

Check out the clips and weigh in on Lawrence’s hosting duties!



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