Jennifer Lopez wants an Oscar

By Briana Luca,
Jennifer Lopez says that she wants an Academy Award

Here’s a phrase that no one would ever think to put together: Jennifer Lopez and Academy Award.

The singer turned actress has different ideas when it comes to the future of her acting her.

Here's Jennifer Lopez in our Beverly Hills store yesterday at... on Twitpic

Lopez told E! Online that she has always dreamed of winning an Academy Award.

“I think everybody that has ever taken acting seriously would love to be recognized in that way.”

Lopez has caught the acting bug once again. She has been promoting her new crime thriller film, Parker which also stars Jason Statham and hits theaters on January 25.

Lopez goes into further detail, even saying that her acceptance speech “changes so often over the years.” She would “be ready” if she was ever nominated for the big award, fashion wise, that is.

Lopez has been speaking about stripping down to her underwear in her new film Parker and how nervous she was.

She also spoke about her short term American Idol journey, “I just felt like I gotta go on tour and I have these movies to make…I think it's a good time for me to do more movies."



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