Jimmy Kimmel takes over Julie Bowen's Twitter account after winning bet

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel engaged in what could be one of the funniest bets yet. Modern Family actress Julie Bowen appeared on the show and placed a bet with Kimmel: Whoever could win a race around the studio fastest could take over the others Twitter account…and Bowen lost hard.

According to Yahoo, Kimmel took the opportunity to post several questionable tweets which would leave her 245,000 plus followers scratching her head.

Among the tweets post by Kimmel include, “@TaylorSwift is pretty much the only 1 who gets me,” “Congratulations Matt Damon on your new hair plugs. They’re barely noticeable,” “hey @TigerWoods - what's going on wit u sex-wise? #PuttItIn” and “Why do people like @JustinBieber ? The only thing worse than his music are his fans. #truth #babybabybabyNO.”

Kimmel found the bet more than entertainment and asked if this sort of thing could be a “weekly thing” to which Bowen quickly replied “no.”

The bet didn’t go off without Bowen throwing in her own digs in addition to a handful of apologies. “Thank you @JimmyKimmel for all the really funny tweets sent from my account. How did you get Jay Leno to agree to write them for you?” she began before going on a series of apologetic tweets.

“Ok, let's start out with the apologies: @RobLowe @lenadunham @courteneycox @pizza @africa ....I love you all. @jimmykimmel is meanie.”

Check out the race that lost Bowen her Twitter account in the video below!



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