JJ Abrams not committed to 2015 'Star Wars VII' release date

By Vanessa Frith,

While Star Wars fans were poised to see their universe on the big screen again in 2015, director JJ Abrams may not be so stoked on the time frame.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it does not appear that Abrams has officially committed to the stated release date which leaves the ability to move the date depending on production.

Both The Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire cite Abrams's busy schedule as a possible reason for the non-commitment. Abrams is already on board for further installments of both Star Trek and Mission Impossible as well as several TV shows.

IndieWire further states that Abrams delayed the release of Star Trek Into Darkness in order not to rush the film.

According to Yahoo!, another possible reason for not committing to the deadline could be the fact that 2015 is already stacked with big name releases. With The Avengers 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 set to hit theaters, it might be best to give Star Wars VII the room it deserves.



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