Joe Biden summons Hollywood reps to Washington to talk gun violence

By Daniel S Levine,

With gun violence still a hot topic of conversation around the country, Hollywood’s impact on culture is being looked at closely. Vice President Joe Biden, who was recently assigned to create a task force to discuss options on gun control legislation, has reportedly called showbiz reps to Washington to talk about violence in film and on TV.

Industry officials confirmed to The Wrap on Wednesday that several key Hollywood players will be in Washington to talk about ways to limit the amount of violence. MPAA chairman Chris Dodd, National Association of Broadcasters president Gordon Smith and National Cable and Telecommunications Association president Michael Powell are among those called to the nation’s capital.

Dodd confirmed the trip in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, but said that he will be “vehemently” against any government restrictions on film violence.

“We want to explore what we can do to provide parents and others with the information for them to make choices on what they want to see and what they want their children to see,” the former Connecticut senator explained. “That's a legitimate space for us to be in. It's all voluntary. What we don't want to get involved with is content regulation. We're vehemently opposed to that. We have a free and open society that celebrates the First Amendment.”

Dodd added that the major studios are willing to talk about changes.

President Obama tasked Biden with leading a committee to look into new gun control measures last month, following the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Biden has been meeting with several groups, including the NRA, this week and was told by Obama to have his committee’s recommendations in by the end of this month.



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