John Krasinski - No more Mr. Nice Guy?

By Sarah McClanahan,

John Krasinski wants to prove he can play more than a lighthearted romantic as he takes his acting in a new direction, shifting from roles like The Office to his new movie, The Promised Land.

Krasinski is no stranger to the spotlight. For the past nine seasons, he has won over the hearts of viewers across the nation with his portrayal of the mild-mannered prankster Jim Halpert on NBC’s The Office. As Zap2It reports, producer Greg Daniels confirmed with the press over the summer that The Office would end after its ninth season, with filming ceasing as of March 2013.

Next on the horizon for Krasinski is the edgier film, The Promised Land, a flick he not only stars in, but also co-wrote alongside actor Matt Damon, The Los Angeles Times notes. His role is Dustin Noble, an appropriately named environmental activist, who attempts to stop an energy company that seeks drilling rights in a poor, rural town.

“I do want to push the limits,” Krasinski told the Los Angeles times concerning his future roles. Towards the end of the film, audiences may get a glimpse of a raw, more threatening side of him.

According to IMDb, The Promised Land is currently in select theaters, but will get a wide release on Friday, January 4.

image: NBC



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