Join Shakira’s baby shower and save a child’s life!

By Sarah McClanahan,

Instead of gifts, Shakira urges fans to donate to UNICEF to celebrate the birth of her first child.

Early this morning, Shakira took to Twitter to share a darling family portrait: herself clutching her pregnant belly alongside boyfriend Gerard Piqué. “We’d like to celebrate the imminent birth of our first child with all of you.” she wrote as a caption to the black and white photo below.

Shakira also had a request for her fans worldwide. Anyone can be a part of her baby shower by donating to UNICEF, a charity organization that promotes childrens’ rights through their survival, development, and protection. She set up a website which makes the viewer appear inside a cozy home decorated with balloons and banners in commemoration of her due date.

Donations range from $5, which can send a mosquito net to shield a child from deadly diseases like malaria, to $110, which will send ready-to-eat therapeutic food to a malnourished child.

According to UNICEF, Shakira has been a global ambassador since 2003. She seeks to use her celebrity status to raise awareness about the plight of children and how a small donation can change their fate.

“I believe that I have to use the resources provided by my artistic career in order to tell people about real problems in the real world, and I know that I have to contribute to the search for real solutions. I’m sure that our planet will be a better place if each one of us will take responsibility for the needs of others.”



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