Josh Duhamel set to host 26th Annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

By Briana Luca,
Duhamel is the host of the slimefest that is the Kids' Choice Awards

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards are coming up on March 28 and we finally have a host!

Josh Duhmael is going to be hosting the 26th annual award show this year, a turnaround from Will Smith who hosted last year’s show.

Nickelodeon made the announcement today, reported by E! Online, that Fergie’s hubby would be hosting the kid’s award show.

"Josh has come out to play before for Kids' Choice and as a previous 'best arm fart' winner we know he'll do what it takes to be a great host.”

It isn’t just Nickelodeon executives that are pumped for Duhamel hosting this year’s show, Josh himself can’t wait either.

“Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards is a great event that celebrates kids by honoring their opinions and taps into the kid in all of us. I have a lot of secret plans for when I host the awards, but I can tell you I'm excited to lead millions of kids into total crazy, fun, chaos...and of course, endless slime!" he said, TV By the Numbers reported

The show is legendary for big stars, surprises, and lots of slime so with Duhamel hosting, it’s sure to be exciting.

image: INFDaily



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