'Jurassic Park 3D' to hit IMAX screens for one week only

By Kristen Porricelli,

Jurassic Park will to be returning to theaters in 3D on April 5, 2013 in traditional and IMAX theaters but will remain on IMAX screens for one week only.

This is due to Universal also releasing their new sci-fi movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise on April 12, remaining on IMAX screens for one week as well, reports First Showing.

Despite Jurassic Park remaining in IMAX for just one week, this may just get moviegoers to rush out that week to make sure they experience it on the massive screen before they miss out.

"Jurassic Park is the quintessential film for fans to experience in IMAX 3D. Jurassic Park was groundbreaking when it was originally released, and The IMAX 3D Experience® will allow today’s audiences to become fully immersed in one of the most breathtaking epics Universal has ever released," said Nikki Rocco, President of Distribution, Universal Pictures, according to Collider.

If fans do miss the chance to see Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park in 3D on an IMAX screen, they will still be able to see it in 3D in traditional theaters.



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