'Justified' Season 4 Premiere - 'Hole In The Wall' Recap

By Matthew Dagen,

Last we saw Raylan Givens, he had just returned from an encounter with Ellston Limehouse and Robert Quarles that left Quarles without an arm. In Lexington, Raylan's father, Arlo, took the fall for Boyd Crowder for Devil's murder and the shooting of state trooper Tom Bergen. Raylan went to go visit Winona to check on her and the upcoming baby, then Raylan tells her that Arlo had said he didn't know Bergen was police, just a man in a hat who was going after Boyd.

The season four premiere starts a little different than season's past. Opening up with a flashback to Harlan in 1983, a man is walking outside his house when he hears a flutter, then sees and hears a man hit the pavement right in front of his house. The man has a parachute that clearly didn't work too well, as he landed face first in the cul de sac, leaving a bloody mess as well as a good amount of bricks of cocaine pouring out of his backpack.

Cutting back to the present day, Raylan gets a call while pulling night duty at the office. It's a woman named Sharon, a bail bondsmen who Ralyan had slept with some time back, and he tells Raylan that there's a dangerous fugitive that's skipped to Kentucky. Raylan reluctantly agrees after he hears there's $3,000 in it for him. Raylan goes to the fugitive's wife's house, then subdues the suspect when he pulls a gun on the Marshal.

The Oxy trade that Boyd had set up last season was apparently running fine, but one of his dealers, Hiram, tells him that it's starting to fall off due to this new church in Harlan and through the words of Preacher Billy, all the followers of the church are changing their ways and getting off the drugs. Boyd doesn't necessarily like this, and tells his dealer that he has a couple days to get Boyd's money together or the next bomb after the car that was just blown up would be inside the house.

Elsewhere in Harlan, at Arlo's old house, a young couple, Benny and Roz, break in, and not too subtly. The couple start tearing down the wall to get what we assume is the wiring so they can hell it. Benny sees a bag hidden inside the wall that catches his eye. Benny and Roz hear police sirens so they split. Raylan then gets a call from Constable Bob (guest star Patton Oswalt) that a couple of kids broke into his old house. The next morning, Raylan heads down to the house, with his criminal in tow in the trunk. He opens up the bag, finding an old Kentucky driver's license for a man named Waldo Truth.

At Audrey's, the local brothel run by Boyd and Ava, Ellen May, one of the working girls, is visited by a customer who comes in with a fake million dollar bill from the same church that Boyd's dealer had gone to. After snorting some cocaine, the customer comes out in a bear customer and proceeds to get shot by a messed up Ellen May. Ava brings the situation to Boyd, who is busy yelling at Johnny about all the dealers that aren't paying. As Johnny goes to leave, there's a man sitting at the bar asking where Boyd Crowder is. Jimmy, the bartender, Johnny and Ava all deny knowing any Boyd Crowder, but the man ignores all of them and goes to the back anyway. Ava goes into the back room with a shotgun at the ready, only to see Boyd embracing the man, Colton Rhodes, a former military policeman who has known Boyd for some time.

After leaving his father's house, Raylan goes to the local hardware store. He encounters Roz as he tries to leave. She tries to delay him by flashing her breasts. Raylan pauses, but continues on. When he finally does get outside, his car is gone. More importantly, the fugitive in the trunk and the canvas bag from the wall are gone as well.

Raylan joins up with Constable Bob, who suggests they try the scrap yard to find the car. They arrive, and Raylan's car hasn't been chopped up yet, but the trunk is empty. The scrap yard operator, Henry, isn't cooperating, so Raylan clocks him with a right hook and tells Bob to watch him. Raylan walks into the nearby work shed to find his fugitive and the young couple who stole his car and robbed his father's house. Raylan talks down Benny, and is about to talk down Roz, when the door opens behind him. Henry got the jump on Bob. Raylan, still claiming he has this under control, swings at Henry again. In the ensuing chaos, the fugitive grabs the gun from Roz and points it at her head. Bob, doing his best to help, stabs Roz in the foot, getting her out of the way so Raylan can subdue his fugitive. With the dust settled, Raylan finds out that it was the bag from the wall that the two kids were after.

With this new information, Raylan goes to visit Arlo in prison. Arlo tries to twist the conversation to talk about how Raylan hasn't sold the house yet, but Raylan then gets it back on track by saying that it might be tough to sell with a broken door and holes in the wall. Arlo, ever the criminal, denies knowing anything about that. Raylan shows his father Waldo Truth's ID, but again, Arlo claims ignorance. Arlo then tells Raylan that he should just put the bag back in the wall and forget about it. Raylan never mentioned that the bag was in the wall. Arlo calls the guard to end the visit.

Boyd is back at Hiram's house, this time with his friend Colt in tow. And this time, the dynamite is right between Hiram's legs while Hiram is duct taped to a chair. The fuse is lit and all Boyd wants is his money from the last deal. With about ten seconds to spare, Hiram spills that the money is under the tractor outside. Boyd puts out the fuse, sparing Hiram. In the next room, Boyd tells Colt to take care of the man. Colt walks in and puts a bullet in Hiram's head. Kind of shocked, Boyd tells Colt that he had meant to untie the man, not to kill him. It seems like Boyd has some new muscle that isn't afraid to get dirty.

Raylan, having dropped off the fugitive, returns to his apartment above the bar in Lexington. He puts the bounty money in his sock drawer then embraces and kisses Lindsey, the bartender he started seeing last season.

Out near the woods in Harlan, Preacher Billy (guest star Joseph Mazzello) is beginning his sermon. He walks and dances around with poisonous snakes while preaching. Through his sermon, there seems to be enough to deduce that this character is going to be a thorn in Boyd's side.

In prison, Trustee Sam is walking around with the book cart. He happens by Arlo's cell and questions him about the bag that Raylan had brought by earlier. Sam tells Arlo that there could be a lot of money involved with what's in the bag. Arlo seems interested, then asks for a book. Also, after asking if Sam told anyone else about the bag, Arlo slices his throat, then casually heads back onto his bed.

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