'Justified' - 'Truth and Consequences' Recap

By Matthew Dagen,

Boyd sits alone in the fold out chairs in the Last Chance Holiness Church in the dark, waiting for Cassie. Boyd tells Cassie that he knows she's the brains behind the operation and offers her a bag of money to convince her brother to pick up and leave Harlan. She rejects this offer but does tell Boyd she is open to a more expansive conversation at a later date. Boyd heads back to the bar then sends Colton and Jimmy back to the church to use another approach to get what they want. Upon entering Billy's tent, Colton and Jimmy hear a lot of hissing. There are snakes everywhere and Jimmy is bitten, and bitten badly.

In Lexington, Raylan and Lindsey talk about the arrival of Randall, Lindsey's ex-husband. It turns out he's quite the jealous type, and that's part of the reason he was sent to prison. Lindsey used to seduce men so that she and Randall could steal from them. Randall grew tired of these men getting touchy-feely with his wife; soon he was sent to prison for beating one of them half to death. The morning after Raylan's conversation with Lindsey, Raylan goes to visit Randall at the gym. He reminds Randall that his release from his stay at the prison in Florida requires him to stay in the Sunshine State. Raylan tells Randall that he'll let the parole violation slide as long as he's out of Kentucky by nightfall that evening, or he'll send Randall back to Florida in either cuffs or a box.

Boyd's been having trouble trying to find his cousin, and in this instance, it's because Johnny is trying to get in with Wynn Duffy. Johnny attempts to offer partnership, but Wynn keeps claiming that he can't trust him. Johnny recalls that it was Boyd who put him in the wheelchair, and he offers to gain Wynn's trust by helping him kill Boyd. Back at the bar, Colton carries Jimmy in and puts him down on the pool table with the snake that bit his cheek still lodged there. Colton says he tried to call Johnny to get his doctor out there, but Johnny couldn't be reached.

At the marshal's office, Art chews out Rachel for losing a suspect. She tries to come back with a "Raylan does it all the time," but Art isn't having any of it. He claims that Raylan is a lost cause and that he still has hope for Rachel. Rachel then leaves as Raylan enters, and Art tells Raylan that he found a sealed witness warrant for Drew Thompson. Art sends Raylan and Tim to the home of Thompson's widow, Eve Munroe, a supposed psychic who's been convicted of fraud on numerous occasions.

Raylan and Tim sit down with Eve and tell her that Drew Thompson is still alive--he faked his death thirty years ago. She claims to have had no idea about this. She then takes Raylan's hands and predicts that he will be going to a gym later to confront a bad man. Tim and Raylan both realize she might have some credibility before noticing a car parked outside and a man getting out of it. The marshals send Eve to a room with no windows and tell her to stay there. Eve goes instead to hide in the hallway bathroom, which has a window in the adjacent room. Raylan and Tim confront the man in front of the house. Turns out he is an FBI agent, and upon hearing this, Eve decides it's in her best interest to hop out of the window. Just as Eve lands in her side yard, she is sucker punched by Mason Goines and is taken away. Raylan, Tim, and Agent Barnes head back into the house to find that Eve is missing.

Back at the marshal's office, Barnes announces the feds will be taking over this investigation. As Barnes goes to exit the building, he pulls out his phone to make a call. Goines picks up on the other end. Barnes asks him if everything is all good so far. Goines tells the agent that if anything goes south, the Barnes family will all die quickly. After hanging up, in a seedy motel room Goines ties Eve to a chair and asks her where Drew is. He doesn't believe Eve when she tells him that she just found out that Drew was still alive.

Raylan goes back to the gym to confront Randall, but his locker is cleared out, and he seems to be gone. Outside the gym, Barnes is there, pretending to have gotten a tip that Drew Thompson might have been at this gym. Raylan doesn't buy it, stating that the only people who knew about him being there were Art, Tim, Randall, and Eve Munroe. Raylan wonders how exactly he was found, and when he threatens to check Barnes' phone records, Barnes raises his gun. Barnes doesn't want to go to prison or face what could happen to him by his employers. He gives up the location of the hotel where Goines is holding Eve and then shoots himself in the head.

Hours have passed and Jimmy is still alive. He's pretty shaken up, but he's still breathing. Boyd figures out that all of the snakes that Billy handles have had their venom drained by Cassie.

At the motel, Goines is getting rougher with Eve, trying to force information out of her. As he puts a knife to her throat, Art, Tim and Raylan bust in with some other local law enforcement. Art sits Eve down and tells her that Goines was working for Theo Tonin, the Chicago mob boss who Robert Quarles worked for before he met his end as well. He then tells Eve that as long as she cooperates, she'll receive around-the-clock police protection or none at all if she doesn't comply. She tells Art that Drew faked his own death because he witnessed Theo Tonin murder a government informant.

Billy is in the middle of his sermon when Boyd walks through the church with a large metal toolbox in his hand. Inside is a wild rattlesnake that Boyd picked up from a nearby river. Boyd knows Jimmy didn't die from the bites, so he knows that there is no venom in the snakes Billy keeps around. Boyd invites Billy to handle the toolbox snake. Billy is all for it, but just as he's about to do it, Cassie comes clean. Boyd realizes that Billy actually is a true believer in the power of Christ and that Billy didn't know his sister was milking the venom out of the snakes. Instead of facing shame before his flock, Billy decides to handle the snake anyway. Boyd does try to tell Billy he doesn't have to do this, but Billy grabs the snake out of the box. As Billy is holding the snake up over his head, the snake rears its head and takes a bite out of Billy's arm. As Cassie is calling for an ambulance, Boyd leaves the church.

Raylan returns home to find Rachel sitting at the bar. He sits down and has a drink with her. Raylan then notices that Lindsey isn't around. The bartender says she went upstairs to wait for Raylan a while ago. Raylan goes upstairs to find his apartment torn apart and his money gone. Turns out a stint in prison hasn't put Randall and Lindsey's little con on hold.

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