'Justified' - 'Where's Waldo?' Recap

By Matthew Dagen,

After a go in bed, Raylan volunteers to handle to beer delivery for Lindsey downstairs in the bar while she relaxes. A man walks in, Randall, and pours himself a beer. Raylan continuously says that the bar is closed, and Randall eventually leaves, but not before throwing a shoulder into Raylan and tossing a bar stool across the room.

Ellen May goes to see Ava the morning after "finding God" at the Last Chance Holiness Church. Ellen May starts quoting Preacher Billy to Ava, but Ava isn't having any of it. Ava tells Ellen May that it wasn't God that saved her, but it was her and her shotgun that took care of Delroy. She also warns Ellen May about what could happen if Ellen may doesn't return to work that night.

At the Marshall's office in Lexington, the Chief Deputy from Bowling Green comes in and gives Art a bottle of 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, hoping to soften him up so Art can recommend him for the Lexington position after Art retires. Art tells his fellow Marshal, Massett, that Lexington and Bowling Green are two completely different ballgames, that his own Marshals are bigger problems than the fugitives down in Bowling Green. Art gives Massett the run down of Tim, Rachel and Raylan, which leaves a blank look on Massett's face.

When Raylan gets back to the office, Art tells him about what happened with Arlo in prison. Raylan recognizes the man Arlo killed as being in the room when he showed his father the bag. Raylan also recognizes the man as being connected with the Dixie Mafia.

Ellen May returns to the Last Chance Holiness Church to tell Billy that she can't be a part of the congregation anymore. She explains that she's done some terrible things and doesn't think that she can be saved. Billy tells her that anyone can be saved and that he and God will shame those who stand in their way. Meanwhile, at Audrey's, Boyd walks into a trailer to find Colt beating up Danny, a heroin dealer who shouldn't have been dealing on Boyd's turf. Before Boyd can do anything to Danny, Ava busts in and tells Boyd that he needs to come inside. Inside the main house of the brothel, a bunch of little kids are singing hymns and passing out the fake million dollar bills from the new church.

Boyd heads over the the sheriff's office. Shelby is adamant that his dealings with Boyd are over, but Boyd cuts him off, saying all he wants is information on this new church. Shelby explains that Billy and his sister, Cassie, have been traveling from town to town over the past couple of years, saving souls and moving on. Shelby thinks this church might actually be trying to help, but Boyd isn't buying any of that. Anything messing with his business isn't OK in Boyd's book.

In a well-to-do neighborhood in the suburbs, Randall is participating in some sort of a backyard fight club. Once all the bets are in, the fight starts, and Randall eventually comes out the winner. After the fight's over, Randall questions his cut of the winnings, but the promoter says it's because Randall is new and no one knows him. Randall then asks about the "other thing." The promoter tells him to get enough money and then he'll make a call.

Art joins Tim and Raylan in their search for Waldo Truth. After following young Milo Truth back to the family house after he grabbed the welfare check, the rest of the Truth family meets the marshals outside with guns drawn. They all openly threaten the marshals, to which Tim and Raylan have no problem putting any of them down. Before the shooting starts, the matriarch of the family comes out to deescalate the situation.

Inside the house, Art talks with Mama Truth about her husband, how they met, that sort of thing. Mama Truth tells a story of her stabbing her husband in the butt, leaving a scar on the cheek, not too long after they met. Soon after, a man claiming to be Waldo walks in, but he is quickly revealed to be Harold. Turns out Harold has been pretending to be Waldo for the last 15 years so the family could continue to receive the welfare checks. Mama Truth claims she hasn't seen the real Waldo in almost 30 years. She tells Art that Waldo left with a pilot, Drew Thompson. Upon hearing this, Art rounds up Tim and Raylan and they leave.

That night, at the Last Chance Holiness Church, Ellen May is getting baptized. As she is being raised from the water, she notices Boyd, Colt and Jimmy standing in the back. Billy asks if Boyd is ready to come forward to be saved. Turning it around like he does, Boyd does a bit of preaching of his own. He tells Billy and the congregation that he one stood where Billy did. He also wonders if Billy is a false prophet, simply in Harlan to exploit a town in need. Billy flips that back to his advantage and announces that no one in Harlan is to give a cent to the church. As Boyd leaves, he gets a glaring stare from Cassie. Boyd seems to have found something he can use.

Back at the marshal's office, Art explains to Raylan and Tim how Drew Thompson once parachuted into a local neighborhood with a backpack full of cocaine (the season's opening scene). But, with new evidence from the 1983's coroner's report which shows a scar on the body's butt cheek, the dead man with the cocaine was actually Waldo Truth. So it seems Waldo is in fact dead, but then where's Drew Thompson? Art says he doesn't know, but he suggests that Arlo more than likely does.

At Johnny's bar, Boyd explains that while Billy is the face of this new church, his sister Cassie seems to be pulling the strings. He concludes that if he can figure out what Cassie wants, they can find out what this church is really about. All of the sudden, Wynn Duffy and some of his muscle walk into the bar. Boyd had invited Wynn due to the fact that Danny is employed by the Dixie Mafia. Wynn apologizes for what Danny did, then shoots him in the head, explaining that anyone dumb enough to deal on Boyd's turf need not be employed anymore. Before leaving, Wynn tells Boyd about Arlo murdering Trustee Sam in prison, which is the first of this that Boyd is hearing.

Back at Lindsey's bar, Raylan helps his new squeeze close up for the night. Once again, Randall comes in when he seems to not be welcome. Ralyan tells him that they are definitely closed this time, as Raylan and Lindsey were about to get it on on top of the bar. Randall explains that he's there to have a word with his wife, of whom he obviously means Lindsey.

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