Justin Bieber being investigated by police

By Briana Luca,
A nerf gun incident has gotten Bieber into some hot water with police

Will Justin Bieber ever catch a break?

perfeito :) on Twitpic

The teen pop sensation is caught into another scandal with his team.

TMZ.com reported that Bieber is being investigated because of a Nerf gun incident.

Apparently Bieber or someone is Bieber’s camp fired a nerf gun that hit a woman back in November at an Ottawa, Canada concert.

The woman who was hit when the child’s toy was fired, flipped out and is now filing a report against Justin’s people.

She was apparently a security guard for the venue where the concert was held and was really annoyed when she was “assaulted.”

The police are taking in the woman’s report and taking this situation very seriously; they’ve already interviewed people who were present at the venue.

This incident comes after a number of situations involving Bieber, including Justin being caught smoking weed, a tragic paparazzi incident and his on again, off again relationship with Selena Gomez.

A rep for Bieber has not responded to the lawsuit claims.




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