Justin Bieber fans led astray by 4Chan message board

By Amanda Ramirez,

If you’ve been on Twitter at all today or any form of social media, you might have seen several posts and message boards all pertaining to one thing: Cut4Bieber.

It was revealed earlier today by Complex that a message board on the 4Chan website (which has since been removed) wanted to “get some little girls to cut themselves” by posting pictures of self-harm and mutilation onto fake Twitter accounts with hashtags like #Cut4Bieber, #CutforBieber or #CuttingforBieber. The message board claimed that the users were starting a movement towards getting singer Justin Bieber to stop smoking pot.

Some of the pictures posted show ketchup bottles with squirts of tomato sauce on their arms, while others show razors and other sharp objects alongside cuts and wounds that appear to be authentic.

Further perpetuating the madness, according to an article on Twitchy, 4Chan users also created fake Twitters for Mary “Jazzy” Richards and Addison Smith, two supposed “victims” of the #Cut4Bieber tag.

Twitter users and Internet browsers alike have responded to the incidents in a multitude of ways, including horror, disgust and outrage.

@OfficialCancer itself tweeted about the phenomenon:

image: NBC



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