Justin Bieber investigated for assault with a Nerf weapon

By Daniel S Levine,

Justin Bieber could be in trouble in his native Canada after a woman claimed that she was assaulted while Bieber and his younger siblings were playing with Nerf guns.

TMZ is reporting that a woman told Canadian police in a police report that she was hit by something fired by Bieber or a person next to Bieber.

The situation took place back in November, when Bieber was in Ottawa. Bieber and his younger brother, 3, and his sister, 4, were shooting nerf darts at each other. One of the darts happened to hit the woman.

The woman was incredibly annoyed by being hit with something, even if it was a kid-friendly dart. She told Bieber’s staff that she was a security guard at the venue Bieber was playing and went to the police, claiming she was assaulted. The Mounties are taking the charges very seriously and already interviewed people at the venue.

According to Starpulse, this is the second time this week someone has complained about the Biebs’ behavior. Back on Tuesday, a DJ said Bieber and his staff insulted her at a hotel gym and she complained to the hotel. The hotel staff wouldn’t confirm the story.

Bieber is gearing up for the Jan. 29 release of Believe Acoustic. On Friday, he shared his new Billboard magazine cover with fans.

image: NBC



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