Justin Bieber visits sick fan in hospital before Utah performance

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

While many fans are distraught over Justin Bieber’s recent drug allegations, the 18-year-old heartthrob showed the side that fans know and love as he made another young fan's dream come true before his Saturday night performance in Utah.

According to ABC4, the “As Long As You Love Me” singer visted Millie Flamm’s hospital room in Salt Lake City, UT prior to his performance.

Seven-year-old Millie has been battling Leukemia for three years.

Millie’s father Brady explained that his daughter, a big-time Bieber fan, was too ill to attend her favorite singers concert and after sharing his daughter's story, the news quickly got back to Bieber. He explains, “A friend posted a picture on Facebook and it's been shared thousands of times. I’ve had so many people calling offer to help.”

Bieber reportedly visited Millie in her hospital room at Primary Children’s Medical Center where he gave her a hug and even sang to her. He also gave away free tickets to his concert to those visiting Millie in her room.

Fans were so elated with Bieber’s generosity to the sick child that many took to Twitter to share the story of his visit which Bieber has since retweeted.

One fan shared a photo of Millie decked out in Bieber gear, writing, “I'm so happy Justin went to visit Millie!! :)” while another shared a photo of Bieber and Millie on Tumblr.

Image: Instagram



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