Justin Bieber's security overlooks marijuana picture situation, is Lil Twist a bad influence?

By Gina DiFalco,

Justin Bieber’s marijuana photo incident is said to be a direct result of his security team not managing him like they reportedly normally do.

Sources say that the “Beauty and a Beat” singer, 18, often gets himself into troubling situations but his security team are there to make sure no pictures get leaked.

Insiders tell TMZ that at all prior occasions that Bieber was partying, his team puts up a sign that says any of the photos taken are strictly property of Bieber.

But when a picture was taken of Bieber smoking a blunt at his Newport Beach Hotel room last week, others who were there say that a sign was no where in sight.

Meanwhile, The New York Daily News reports that it’s been said that Bieber’s friend, Lil Twist, who is a Lil Wayne protégé, is giving Bieber a bad reputation.

Others beg to differ, saying that his hanging around with the 19-year-old rapper gives his career an edge it hadn’t had before.

Bieber and Lil Twist have been good friends for years, so some could argue Bieber’s recent scandal has nothing to do with the rapper.

"(Twist) and Bieber, they're like brothers," Young Money president Mack Maine said back in 2010.



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