Justin Timberlake is returning to the Grammys

By Briana Luca,
Mr. Timberlake will take the stage at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on February 10th

It’s been a great few weeks for Justin Timberlake and it’s about to get better.

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According to The Huffington Post, Timberlake is going to perform at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

This is the first Grammy performance for the former boy bander in four years; it will also be the first television debut for his new single “Suit and Tie.”

Timberlake is coming in late to the game behind a star-studded roster.

Reported by MTV News, others who will be taking the stage on Grammy night are Rihanna, fun., Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, The Black Keys, Kanye West, and Jay Z.

Another performance that everyone seems to be excited about is Ed Sheeran performing with another British musician, Elton John.

LL Cool J will host the Grammys once again, on February 10.

Timberlake will warm up his vocal chords before the Grammys, though, at the DIRECTV Super Saturday night event on February 2, the night before the Superbowl.

This performance seems to make the comeback for Justin Timberlake official.

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