Kate Winslet's husband wins case in London's high court over embarrassing, semi-nude photo

By Gina DiFalco,

Kate Winslet’s husband, Ned RocknRoll, has won a case in London’s high court that stemmed from a semi-naked picture that was published on the internet.

The picture comes from an “outrageous” themed dress party, and RocknRoll argued that it was a breach of privacy that could lead to Winslet’s children getting bullied.

The Telegraph reports that the picture was posted by his best friend on his Facebook page, but he had no privacy settings and it was open to the public to view it.

RocknRoll filed the lawsuit when UK publication The Sun tried to publish the pictures.

He said in a statement with his Oscar-winning wife, "We have stopped The Sun from publishing semi-naked photos of Ned taken by a friend at a private 21st birthday party a few years ago. The photos are innocent but embarrassing and there is no reason to splash them across a newspaper.”

They added, "We recognise that in the internet age privacy is harder and harder to maintain. But we will continue to do what we can, particularly to protect Kate's children from the results of media intrusion. We refuse to accept that her career means our family can't live a relatively normal life."

RocknRoll’s real name is Abel Smith and he’s the nephew of mogul Richard Branson, Reuters reports.

His lawyer talked about the lawsuit, saying "I am sure he would not mind if I described him as a relative nobody up until the point he married Miss Winslet."



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