Kathy Griffin kisses Anderson Cooper’s 'Sack'

By Sarah McClanahan,

Kathy Griffin has taken her outrageous commentary to a whole new level last night as she joked about Anderson Cooper’s “sack” and then proceeded to kiss it on national television during CNN's New Year's Eve special.

In 2009, New York Daily News reports, Griffin dropped “the F bomb” on live television, and in 2012, she stripped to her underwear. How could she possibly top that for 2013?

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper made a hilarious duo as the pair co-hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve show from Times Square.

As YouTube video footage from the special suggests, the sexual innuendos began when Griffin said, “I’m going to tickle your sack. You can say sack [on air]. That’s not bad.”

Cooper, seemingly uncomfortable with the direction her witty banter was heading, retorted with, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have no sack of gifts here. A sack of Christmas presents. I did not bring a sack of Christmas presents.”

Later in the show, the co-hosts ran a clip from correspondent Gary Tuchman in Eastport, Maine describing the “sardine drop,” the town’s tradition of kissing an eight foot sardine for good luck after it was dropped from a building. After the clip, Griffin bent down and kissed Cooper’s crotch, or as she claims, “kissing his sardine” which she could “do all night long.”

“Believe me, I really don’t [want you to do that],” Anderson ended the discussion and pulled her into an upright position, no longer laughing at the conversation that had quickly escalated.

Whether Anderson was in on the joke or merely an unwilling participant, Griffin sure knows how to make the new year memorable and secure high television ratings.

Image: via Twitter



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