Kathy Griffin won't apologize for trying to kiss Anderson Cooper's crotch on New Year's Eve (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Kathy Griffin once again made headlines for her co-hosting job with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s coverage of New Year’s Eve in New York City’s Times Square, and she once again isn’t apologizing for it.

As we previously reported, the comedienne told Cooper "I'm going to tickle your sack. You can say sack (on air). That's not bad,” and proceeded to try and kiss his crotch.

But Griffin appeared on Late Show with David Letterman and laughed it off.

The Huffington Post reports that she joked "People are Tweeting things like, 'I didn't even watch the show, but now I have to explain to my children what you did.’”

The Parent's Television Council has already denounced the incident, even criticizing CNN for supporting it.

She very bluntly told Letterman "If you think this is the part where I'm going to apologize, you are sorely mistaken,” USA Today reports.

“I tried, ladies and gays, I tried. For you,” she said.

image: NBCUniversal



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