Katie Couric and Manti Te’o share publicists, which could explain how she got first interview

By Daniel S Levine,

Katie Couric got the first on-camera interview with Notre Dame star Manti Te’o since the girlfriend hoax story broke. While others were certainly interested in getting the exclusive, Couric managed to come out on top, likely because they share the same publicist.

Couric and ABC announced the news on Sunday, confirming that the interview will also include Te’o’s parents and will air on her syndicated talk show Katie. Parts will also air on Good Morning America and other ABC News programs.

According to The New York Times, Couric beat several other interviewers, including Oprah Winfrey. The Times also noted that Te’o’s family has just hired Matthew Hiltzik as their spokesman. He is also the longtime spokesman for Couric.

Deadspin, the site that first broke the story last week, notes that Hiltzik has been hard at work since being hired. He recently told the South Bend Tribune, which reported many of the “facts” about Te’o’s fake girlfriend, that they were duped just like Te’o.

“It's sad that well-regarded journalists like Eric [Hansen, who wrote of Te'o and Kekua touching hands], who are just trying to do their jobs, have joined the list of victims of this complex web of deceit,” he told the paper.

Hiltzik also has several other celebrity clients, including Ryan Braun, Glenn Beck, Alec Baldwin and Justin Bieber, notes TMZ.

While Te’o’s interview with Couric will be his first on-camera, he did speak with ESPN on Friday, again claiming that he was not involved with the hoax. Te’o did admit to lying to his parents about meeting his girlfriend, who turned out to be fake.



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